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october 3rd, 2012

collab with the ever amazing and patient @chrissykinz - she is the best!

A Shay story at last! sorry i have been m.i.a, uni is a b-tch. But anyway, if anyone wants to collab let me know, i need to get back into the gth group goings on!


"You need to stop eating all the cookies." I said to Aria, as I looked away from my book. "You’re making too much noise.”

 "But they are so good. You should have one." 

Aria held out the bag of cookies but I shook my head, no feeling like eating anything. My appetite was gone. 

"No thanks."

 "So why did you decide to come out here?" Aria gestured to the garden around us. We were camped outside, text books spread over the table. 

“Because I live with a bunch of girls. The house is never quiet, even when it is study time.”

 I wasn’t sure whether Aria believed me or not. I didn’t believe myself, I wasn’t exactly convincing. 

“That’s very true indeed.”€There was a long pause before she spoke again. “But what’s the real reason you’re out here?”

I smiled at her. “You’re observant, I’ll give you that.”

“Well I have lived with you for a while plus you’re my friend, I am meant to notice these things. So spill.”

“It’s nothing major, honestly.”

“Let me guess, Oliver?”

I laughed. “ Am I really that obvious? Because between you and Grace, I can’t seem to hide anything.”

Aria laughed and I smiled. “It’s not obvious, don’t worry, we just know you well.”

“Good. There is nothing wrong though, we’re friends. We talked about it.”

 Aria pursed her lips. “Hmmm, what you mean is you talked about it, said you were friends the left immediately afterwards.”

 I huffed. 

“I am clearly transparent.” I groaned and put my head down onto the table. “What do I do?”€

"Firstly have a cookie. Sugar makes everything better unless you’re a diabetic, which you’re not so it’s irrelevant.” 

Aria held the cookies out to me and I knew she wouldn’t put them down until I took one so I did.. "You scare me from time to time."

 "I can live with that. Now about your question i guess the most obvious thing would be to talk to him." 

Easier said than done. 

"And say what exactly?" I shook my head. "Why did it have to be him?" 

"I guess you have to sort everything out." Aria said simply, before adding, "Because Oliver is kinda perfect for you , not to mention the hottest professor assistant ever." 

"He isn't kinda perfect for me." I frowned. He wasn’t perfect for me because if he was perfect for me, we would have an amazing relationship by now. And he wouldn’t be a professor’s assistant. He would just be a somebody, maybe a bar tender. I liked bar tenders, they had uncomplicated jobs and lives.

But of course, I had to go and pick the guy with a job that means we can’t be seen in public together. It was just my luck.

Aria frowned at me. “Why isn’t he perfect for you? If this is because of his job then you’re being silly. You can get round that if you really want to.”

I sighed. “It’s not just his job, it’s everything. I don’t even know him properly. I know we have this chemistry but I don’t know a single thing about him. What if it’s not worth the trouble?”

“It’s always worth the trouble, believe me.” Aria paused before adding, “You should go talk to him again. And this time say what you actually mean.”

I looked down at my book before grabbing another cookie and taking a huge bite of it. “I will, just not yet.”

Aria laughed and shook her head. “Well, just don’t leave it too late okay? You wouldn’t want him finding someone else now that you guys are established ‘friends’ and all.”

"I didn't even consider that option." I shook my head. Nothing could ever be simple with me. "How is that I always manage to put myself in these kinda situations?" I said the last part bitterly, it was true. 

“Well with Alex it was because he tricked you into thinking he wasn't a complete d-ckhead." I fought the urge to roll my eyes because I knew she was right. I wasted 2 years on the d-ck because I thought he was a different person.

"You don't think Oliver would date another student.” I asked, the panic noticeable in my voice. Would he do that? Or would he go for someone he could take out for dinner without looking over his shoulder?

Aria shrugged. "Honestly no, because you know he is kinda into you but if you wait long enough. Maybe, I don't know who though."

“But what if wants someone who isn’t a student. Someone who he can walk around campus with.” I said with sadness in my voice. That would kill me. To see him holding hands with someone who wasn’t me would hurt like a b-tch.

“Well if you go and talk to him, you’ll never have to go through that, will you?” Aria gave a good argument, I’ll give her that. And I knew she was talking sense but my usual confidence had completely disappeared and I was finding it hard to pluck up the leave my seat and make my way to Oliver’s office.

I was firmly stuck in my seat.

“I know but I can’t, not yet.” I whined to Aria, about to pick up another cookie and realising there were none left. “We need more cookies.”

“Says the girl who shouted at me for eating them earlier. I think you should go and buy me some.”

I raised an eyebrow. “I know you, this is a plan to get me to leave the house so I will go and see Oliver. It’s not gonna happen.”

Aria smirked. “If you don’t do it, I’m gonna phone Liam and make him come around and he can sit with us as we do our work.”

I glared at her. Bringing Liam here met we would get no work done. After a giving her the evil eye, I huffed and stood up dramatically.

“Fine, you win! I’m going but if this goes wrong, you get all the blame and you will owe me a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and a movie night were I can moan to you all night.”

“I’ll take the risk.” 

I pulled a tongue at her before I walked back into the house to grab my bag. 

I could do this.

I could.

Could I?
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