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I walked out of the giant castle-like building to take a walk. After being hungover from last night's party I needed some fresh air. Among the trees and bushes there was nothing but green land for miles around. There really was no escape. Sitting on the stone steps on the outside looking off at the horizon was a gorgeous looking guy. Even though I could only see the back of him, I could tell he was attractive from his dark curly hair. He sat there with black thick rimmed glasses much like the ones I used for reading smoking a cigarette. The smoke blowing into the soft wind I decided to strike up conversation the best way I knew how. Making it all about them..
“You look like a cliché.” I said from behind him as he put out his cigarette. The guy turned around to stare at me. I was right about him being hot, he had a perfect chiseled face and a nice scruffy not haven shaved in a day look.
“A cliché?” he asked smirking as I took a seat next to him on the cool steps. 
I nodded, “Rehab, troubled prodigy, thick black rimmed glasses and a single cigarette? Where’s your notebook to scribble lyrics in?” 
He smirked at me, “I don’t write music. Or play it.”
“Well that does cut the cliché off a little. Not a musician?”
“I just don’t like to associate myself with …” he shrugged, I could guess the rest. It was not total cliche, but close enough. Troubled kid who hated his parents. He was a Clapton, I knew that much from what I'd heard. 
“With your father?” I asked. “You’re a Clapton right?” 
“Sorry, I don’t really remember who’s offspring you had the misfortune of being.” he smirked staring at my legs.
I chuckled softly to myself, running a hand through my hair. He took out another cigarette and lit it with the still burning tip of his other one. Sliding closer so I was right next to him on the steps I heaved a sigh. I took out the box of cigarettes from my jacket, shaking it loose until a one came out. 
"You know it's all the same around here," I arched my brow at him, sticking the cigarette in my mouth I leaned over to light my cigarette with the one still in his mouth. My face was almost touching his, skin inches from his as I noticed the interest in his eyes. After lighting my cigarette I backed off a few inches, "Shame you don't like music.."
"Why? You're some wannabe rock star like the rest of everyone around here?" he grinned, blowing smoke from his nostrils as he stared straight ahead of him. He obviously was thinking of something. And it was just in my nature to push that something. 
I shook my head, laughing a little. "Not really. I just like to listen to it. I'd rather write.. maybe direct a few films. I'm not one of those girls who like the limelight." 
"Don't see why not.. you're definitely sexy enough." he smirked, taking one last inhale from his cigarette before dropping it to the ground and stepping on it to put it out. Oh if I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that... I rolled my eyes and gave him a slight smile,
"Since when did this become about me? I bet you're way more interesting." 
He smirked. “Are you trying to flatter me?” he asked me as I slowly blew smoke out of my mouth. The glassy glare of his dark brown eyes was haunting, I enjoyed looking into the unknown, figuring people out. Might explain my coming fascination with Clapton boy wonder, who's first name I knew nothing of. 
I shrugged, blinking at him while staring blankly, “Is it working?” 
“I don’t flatter easily. And I'm not that interesting.” he shook his head and grinned. I girl leaned into him, smelling the barely there hint of his cologne mixed with the smoke. He definitely had that guy smell that always managed to get me going. 
“Try me.” I purred. He shrugged but kept right on looking into my icy blues. 
“Trust me. I’d love to.” he told me with a smirk. Had to love a guy with initiative. Nothing was more unattractive than trying too hard, or too little. Instead of blushing, I treated his comment as some sort of conquest and scooted a little closer to him crossing my legs.
“Why are you here?” I asked raising a brow.
“My mom told my dad I was out of control and then he told me he’d cut me off if I didn’t get help. My sister is here. Seemed to work out.” 
That was it? there probably was more that he wouldn't offer up without a little pushing. “No drugs, booze, women?” 
“All three.” he admitted, only not saying it as if he were proud, but rather just getting it off of chest... his well toned, broad, too covered by that shirt for my liking chest... “Though I certainly enjoyed the women the most.” he added. “Why are you here? Please say sex addiction.” he smirked as he brushed his hand against my thigh.
He was serious. I couldn't help but let out a laugh, which echoed into the empty morning air. I bit down on my bottom lips and placed my hand on top of his, sliding further along my thigh and up my skirt. "A certain kind of sex.." 
"Really? What kind?" he wondered, seemingly gaining interest. 
I shrugged, dropping my cigarette to the concrete ground below, stepping on it with the pointy end of my heel. Staring down at my shoes I tangled my finger in my hair, showing my general weakness of being shy which I hated, twirling a strand as I slid forwards into him. It caused his hand to travel further up my leg, almost touching my lacy panties. Overly teasing to compensate, that was me. 
"Well," I glanced up at him blinking for a second, "Maybe I'm not willing to share right now.. not until squeeze a little harder and find out." 
“You’re in kind of a compromising position” he smirked obviously enjoying it, maybe more than I was. I tilted my head to the side as he skimmed my panties and my breath hitched a little. F.ck.. he had to have played, no one's that good with their hands naturally.
“You know you haven’t told me your name…” I said as his hard body pressed against me. 
“Are you wondering what to moan?” he leaned over me as he slid a finger inside me. The rush of air and the cold dew damped grass against my ankles reminding me that we were outside.
“Fu.ck…….there are plenty of things I could moan…” I said tossing my head back. He placed kisses along the side of my neck until he reached my ear.
“It’s Cayden.” he whispered before tugging on my lobe with his teeth. 
“Raina….” I sighed as he easily slipped another finger inside of me. 
He smirked, “You’re really fu.cking wet Raina.” 
“And you are really fu.cking good with your hands….” I sighed, looking at him to see that he was grinning wider.
“So what were you saying about a certain type of sex. I like giving girls what they want.” he growled as his fingers curled to hit my sweet spot and I moaned.
I bit down hard on my tongue, groaning louder as he teased me. One finger pumping in and out of me while the other grazed my clit. I parted my lips, trying to speak but nothing came out. The sensation of my throbbing clit was too much. I could barely speak. Spreading my legs apart a bit wider I leaned swallowed hard, speaking in between gasps, "A little blood.. is always fun.."
"Huh." he turned to look me in the eyes. I nodded slowly, skimming my fingers down his arm, then clutching his forearm with my nails as he increased his pace. 
"Huh?" I repeated him with a smile, scooting onto his lap, bringing him deeper into me making me moan louder. I was close to coming, but before he could move inside of me again I pushed his hand away. Grabbing his wrist I brought his hand to to my lips, opening my mouth to suck on his fingers that had just been inside me. He stared at me wide eyed with a big grin on his face.
"I aim to please." he finally said.
"I'm sure you do.. but I won't know that just now." I leaned into him, giving him an open mouthed kiss before moving away to stand up. 
“You’re a little bit of a freak huh.” he said looking up at me, those big brown eyes staring lustfully. I wished I would've let him finish, but I wasn't a wh.re. I was not going to get off on some guy I'd just met five minutes ago. I bit my lip and tilted my head to the side.
“Is that a problem?” I asked him raising an eyebrow. 
He shook his head. “Not at all.” 
I started past him, walking up the stairs to leave. I could feel him walking behind me, but I wasn't so sure I wanted to stop him. That, and the thumping of his shoes on the pavement. I ran my hand against the limestone brick wall for guidance as I sauntered up the steps one by one. Before I reached the door I felt Cayden grab me by the waist, slamming me against the wall. “I would have made you scream.” he whispered. 
I swallowed, the desire in my eyes probably shining in the rising sunlight, “A few more seconds and you would have. But I appreciate delayed gratification.” 
He chuckled softly, “So you’re not going to finish yourself off now?” 
Probably.. I mused on the thought for a few moments. Parting my painted lips to say something I started but before I could respond he pressed his lips against mine, swirling his tongue into my mouth as he dominated me, biting down hard on my bottom lip until he drew blood, causing me to moan. 
“Fuck….” I said under my breath as Cayden pulled away. 
He smirked, popping another cigarette in his mouth before walking away,“You’re right. That was fun.”
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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
gorgeous set!!!

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
Gosh!!!!!!!! this is soooooo hot and awesome!!!!! ;)


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