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Name: Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff
Age: 19
Model: Ashley Benson
Bio: She is a true romantic. She is good hearted, and her main desire is simply to become a Princess. She comes from a very rich family and has always gotten whatever she desires. 
Story from your character's P.O.V.:

"Wait where am I?" a small whisper said in a southern accent. There was no one around except for Charlotte. She was in a completely different world than what she was used to. Looking around down this strange city with huge buildings moving devices going by quickly past her. There was a window into one of the buildings. As she looked into it, she gasped. "Who is that? Is that me?" Lottie leaned in closer looking at herself, "It is!"

Suddenly, a man came out of the building that Charlotte was looking into. "Can I help you with anything?"

She blushed and flipped her hair back pretending she was fine, "Oh, well..no." she stumbled over her words.

As he started to walk back inside she stopped him.

"Actually!" she blurted out and he halted. She continued, "Where am I?"

The man chucked quietly, "New York City. Far from home?"

Lottie just nodded, "Thank you," she told him as she walked away. "New York City," she whispered to herself again, "I didn't know it was so different from New Orleans..."
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