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Ava Lasseter (19)
collection; -optional but awesome-
personality traits; partier, cowardly, rude, superstitious, eccentric
bio; Born and raised in california, Ava practically lived in the pixar headquarters where her dad was a top executive. She walked around there since she was a toddler. Ever since then Ava has written screenplays, when she was 11 it was rom coms when she was 16 it was artistic indie films that explained her inner soul. Now it is a bit of everything. For a child her dads job was great came with all kinds of perks but when she and her brother hit the teen years it hit them hard. The magic left the world, she realized that her toys didn't talk and that princes didn't come to the rescue. Her mother up and left them, she couldn't deal with Jason and his lack of responsibility any more. While you can still ask Ava to this day what she thinks of her father she will spit out something about how much vision he has and how everyone should aspire to be like her father. In truth he neglected his family for his job and would never take anything seriously. So they split, tearing Ava away from her brother. They saw each other every other christmas and thanksgiving. Wendell choosing to go with his mother who he always favored. Even if Ava had wanted to go with her mother she couldn't have, he was the kind of man that needed to be taken care of. So you would think Ava would have grown up to be responsible from taking care of her father, but truth is she did a horrible job. After her mother left her father wouldn't have even noticed Ava if she was on fire. So she took advantage of that, her friends convincing her to have parties at her house and barely come home once a week. While her father was good with children he was horrible with teenagers. He would occasionally ground Ava but never enforce it. But then Ava's best friend died in a car accident, Ava snapped. She didn't leave she didn't go to school she just wrote for as long as she could until a truency officer came. Her father paid them off so no juvi for Ava but afterwards she changed. She didn't go into a car without checking all the mirrors. Even when she wasn't driving, she has to wear a lucky bra whenever she goes out on dates, she doesn't like people who are left handed. Ridiculous superstitons that sprang up from when she grew up with a nanny that was from the carribeans and told Ava stories of island superstitions and ghost stories that would make her leave the light on. Since then Ava has gotten scared watching things like ghost hunters. She doesn't cross black cats path, she doesn't open umbrellas indoors, you name it. She hadn't paid them any mind before the accident but now she believes in them like they are law. When Ava was invited to the wedding, she burned the invitation. Not wanting to let the bad spirits get to her. When her brother said that she had to attend the wedding, Ava said only if she could stay in town. So now she is commuting thirty minutes on suicide seven every morning and night just so she doesn't have to stay in the house. As the mystery gets thicker Ava is thinking more and more that this is a bad idea.
Ava is currently working on a horror movie screenplay, rich family, vengeful ghosts, sound familiar? While Ava is completely scared of anything to do with real life she maintained her passion for writing even after the accident. 
Though she was never credited (because she was a kid) she personally helped her dad make decisions on bugs life and toy story.
Ava was in the car that night when her friend died. But Ava had on a horse shoe neclace her brother had sent her from texas. She thought the thing was ugly, but when she got to the hospital and told her that she had been on the side of the car that got hit and everyone else was dead, instead of having survivors guilt Ava remembered something someone had said about horse shoes being good luck. 
Ava hasn't spoken to her mother in a year, not because she dislikes her mother. Just because to Ava she isn't really her mother. Ava tells people she doesn't have a mother.
She views her life as a screenplay to calm her down. Critiquing the plot and the camera work.
model; kaya scodelario

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