My first tip! Please don't salvage me if its bad :( 
Okay so the idea of this tip is to give you some ideas that are a bit... Different and fresh. Unlike the typical things you do a sleepovers like watch movies and do makeovers. These one are a bit more mischievous... anyway enjoy!

~Prank call the local take away or taxi firm. They have very memorable numbers and always pick up. Try asking for "Clive Handjob" or "Ben Dover".
~Sleeping bag tag. Your basically hoping round in your sleeping bags in the dark. This is great fun and a real ice breaker when you turn the lights on and you're laid on top of someone! haha
~Sneak out late and just run around the empty streets ant night. ride your bike scooter and skateboard. Blast some great tunes and feel as infinite as Charlie.
~Play hide and seek in the dark. If you don't mind the the noise play hide and clear twice as fun when your bounding up the stairs being chased in the dark.
~Duck tape your friends wrists and ankles together when they're asleep, then scream "FIRE!" and laugh as they fall on their face!
~ If its a friends birthday suck on helium balloons and then give a sample of your dirty pillow talk. First to laugh goes next.
~Whipped cream makeovers. Recreate histories most famous mustaches! Be sure to take pics!
~Play cards for sweeties.
~Get into trash bags and turn your stairs into a slip and slide! Make sure you put loads of pillows at the bottom!
~ Go round 'that bitches' house, around about 2am and toilet paper it! Make sure to be quiet and wear shoes you can make your great escape in!
~Put bananas in the microwave. They explode!!
~Play Do,Marry,Kill.
~Play the blindfolded cat face game. Blindfold yourself and try to draw a cat on your friends face. Its funny because it never ever looks like a cat!
~Make blanket dens!
~ Put your underwear on over your clothes and take some funny pics
~Sleep in the garden on a trampoline or in a tent.
and start a fire
~ Go to the motorway flyover and drop eggs on cars. But if you don't want to get arrested then your can just throw them at your neighbors house.
~Attempt to ride a skateboard. Tie it to a bike and sit on it. Lay on your belly and drag yourself along. Anyway its hilarious.
~Call your crush and dirty talk him in a really fake accent American if your British or British if your American. 
~Swap phone with your friends and text whoever you want, whatever you want. Probably best to exclude parents and family members...

So that's all Ive got Hope all your sleepovers are filled with proper fun. And i hope you all turn into insomniacs for the night!
love always, Sophie x
Carpe Diem x
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