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sunburn | ed sheeran ♥

hi guys.
i h8 life.
and boyz.
i really hate them..

ugh, seriously. Monte texted me yesterday saying that he misses me and how he always thinks about me. So he said that we'd go to lunch today to talk about it. So we did, but he brought his fucking friend. You don't know how mad I was. And then, they were being the biggest ass.holes alive. So I ignored them, and when Monte would ask what was wrong, I'd ignore him. And when we left the place we ate at, he HELD MY FUCKING HAND. Like, that made my heart beat 20x faster. And I heard him telling Garrett, "Bro, I still like her." WELL IF YOU LIKED ME, THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DUMP ME?
Seriously, I wanna shoot him..

Well done with my rant, toodles.

Ew, holy fuck I said toodles. I am obviously heartbroken.

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