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feat. Frida Gustavsson and Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Song of the day: Baby/Where Did Our Love Go by Little Mix

So yesterday, a family-friend took me and my sisters to this knitting store, then to a coffee shop down the block, where we drank lattes while she taught us how to knit infinity scarfs. I felt so...artsy. ;) 

You know what else is really artsy? That I had to write a poem for English class recently. It's sort of about Paris, which I've been thinking about a lot lately, so I thought I might share it. 

A World of Color by Yours Truly ;)

She starts off each day in a world full of gray,
But smiles to herself with no intention to stay.

The teacher’s monotonous voice, the tedious work,
The classroom—a jail—it all drives her berserk.

She allows her mind to slip away,
And she lands in a dainty French café
In the city of love—the city of lights—
Filled with fashion, food, and other delights.

She goes for a walk by the river Seine, 
And she pauses every now and then

--For the moment she feigns an interest in class
She makes herself wait for some minutes to pass.

Then like a crazed mother who misses her child,
She runs back to the place in which she smiled.

For this is the world that fills her with glee,
Exuding life and color—here she is meant to be.

It is this sparkling city that gives her the urge
To dance in the streets, letting her free spirit emerge.

This colorful world is where she knows she belongs—
To remain in her world of gray would be wrong.

She feels like jumping out of her skin—
There’s a person dying to come out from within.

To be someone else is who she was meant;
To be a different girl would make her content.

To live differently and freely with adventure each day
--The bell rings
 She returns to her world full of gray.

So yeah, there it is. I know I'm no poet, but I just got the grade back before the break started, and I actually did pretty well, so I'm proud of myself--especially since I haven't written a poem since first grade hehe =)
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