Wednesday [Week 2]

“Jamie just go home, Kennedy will be happy to fill in for you today,” Sophia said. “You are way too wired to be here.”

“Thanks Soph,” Jamie said. She headed back out of the park meeting Eric there. “Send you home too?”

“Yeah, Riley is really cool about stuff like that,” Eric said.

Jamie did a little cringe that Eric either didn't catch or simply ignored. “Come on let's go get this party started,” he said dragging her along.

There really wasn't much to do with it. Eric hired a party planner since they had very little time to plan and she took care of everything. From booking the Hyatt to decorating the place to finding appropriate outfits for them and any of their friends that requested her to. Jamie and Eric headed over to the hotel to see how the preparations were coming along. The kitchen was going full steam with foods from the 20s, the bartender told them all about the various drinks that would be served that night, only things that a Jay Gatsby party would have. The decorations were going up, everything was glittering and gorgeous. Jamie couldn't believe the transformation right before her eyes. The DJ was hidden well so the theme wasn't spoiled and he had all the right music for the party. Jamie couldn't wait. Finally the two of them left to head home and get ready for the evening. Eric dropped Jamie off and she headed straight for her room where her entire outfit would be waiting for her.

On her bed waiting for her was a gold dress. It had lots of sequins and gems on it and flowed a little at the bottom. Gold shoes to match and a gold and ruby headpiece. She showered and fixed her hair up into the 1920s do. She placed the headpiece in her hair and got dressed. Her makeup was done in an understated look not wanting to draw attention away from the costume. She put on fishnets and her shoes. And then finished off with some accessories. She looked at herself in the mirror and was happy with what she saw there. 

Eric and her had decided to arrive fashionably late. They wanted everyone to be there and for them to make an entrance. They had told people that they had something to announce to them when asked why they were throwing this party. So they were really trying to play up everything surrounding the party. There was a knock on the door and Jamie went down to find Eric there. 

“Is everyone gone?” he asked.

“Yeah, they left like fifteen minutes ago.”

Eric leaned in and gave Jamie a quick kiss, “You look beautiful.”

“You clean up nice yourself.”

Eric led her to the car he had rented for the evening. They both climbed into the backseat and headed off to the Hyatt. They pulled up and Jamie took a deep breath.

“You ready for this?” Eric asked.

“I am, but I'm a little scared at the same time,” Jamie confessed.

“I know, me too,” Eric said. He gave her another kiss and got out and walked around to open her door. Jamie stepped out and Eric took her hand into his arm and led her up the steps towards the doors. Jamie could already feel eyes on her, and she couldn't help but smile. This was finally the night she was going to get to share the best thing that had ever happened to her. She couldn't wait.

They walked into the grand ballroom where the party was happening. And when the two of them walked in it felt like all eyes turned to them and stared. Jamie and Eric both smiled big smiles and walked straight into the heart of the party. People came over to tell them how nice they looked and what a great party it was. She hadn't realized just how many people Eric had invited to this thing, it looked like most of Disney was here.

She spotted familiar faces like Kennedy and Avery, her team, other face characters. Which were all fine, but she was searching for the faces that mattered most to her. And finally she saw her group of friends at their reserved table in the middle of the room. Eric and her went over to join them.

“Oh my gosh guys, this is amazing,” Veronica gushed.

“Seriously, this is pretty cool,” Preston said. 

“I love everything about this,” Natalia joined in.

They all took turns telling them about what had happened so far and their favorite parts. The group talked the whole time while eating. They got up to dance shortly afterwards and they all just felt like they really were in the 1920s.

The only part that seemed a little off was with Krystina being there, but she was uncharacteristically quiet, so Jamie didn't mind so much. It was starting to get late and Eric just looked at Jamie. She smiled knowing that this was the perfect moment to make their announcement. Everyone was happy and having a good time, they were a bit tired from all the dancing and resting. It was the time.

Eric walked up and got a mic from the DJ and stood in the middle of the dance floor where Jamie joined him.

“Hey everyone can we have your attention,” Eric stated. All eyes turned to them. “We just want to thank you all for coming out tonight. We were really excited about this party and we are so glad that it was such a success. We really wanted to host this fun night because we have been in such a good mood and wanted to share that mood with you. Jamie and I are just so happy and we wanted to give away a bit of that happiness to all of you.”

Here Eric looked down at Jamie as she stared up at him with a huge smile on her face. She was so in love with him that everything else just faded away.

“So as some of you know we decided to host this party because we had some news to share with you that we are really excited about. Jamie, my life, and I...”

“I'M PREGNANT!!!!” came Krystina's voice.

Eric and Jamie snapped their heads to look over at their group of friends as Preston's face looked blank and empty. Krystina took off running outside, and slowly Preston followed her out.

Everyone's eyes turned back to Eric. 

“Uh, go on with the party,” Eric instructed and the music swelled up.

“What is going on?” Jamie asked as they reached their friends.

“We don't really know,” Lucas answered.

“Yeah, I mean Krystina was whispering to Preston all during Eric's speech, and Preston would answer with short answers because he was clearly trying to listen to Eric. But we couldn't hear anything that was being said,” Heidi explained.

“Until she bursted out about being pregnant,” Greg said.

Jamie gave a quick look to Natalia who was staring at the ground. She knew this must be hard for her. She looked back to her friends.

“OK, well someone should check in with Preston later on and get some answers,” Jamie told them.

“Don't worry I will,” Eric said.

“I guess that's the end of the party,” Veronica said slouching into a chair.

“Looks that way,” Jamie said giving Eric a look. They still didn't get to share their news, and this was getting old.

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