Mason Finch
Model: Jackson Rathbone

Bio: Mason is a fun guy. He's always been into performing and loves to play it up. But he gets really into his roles and gets to know his characters. He finds secret chasms to them that no one really noticed before. He's all heart and soul. He's a truly good guy, one of those people that everyone gravitates towards. Very likable.

Xavier Stanton
Model: Christopher Egan

Bio: Xavier is sweet, that's the only way to describe him. He's a little shy, but tough. He knows who he is and what he wants. He's your ultimate role model for kids. He is easy to connect to and always makes you feel good about yourself. He definitely knows what it's like being the outcast and uses that to his advantage.

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Wrote three years ago
You can mention that however often you like. I'm really excited about them too!

Wrote three years ago
Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE them?!

Wrote three years ago
They seem perfect I love it!

Wrote three years ago
I'm really excited about them. I see them just being these really fun side characters.



whєrє drєαms comє truє ♥ [rp]

whєrє drєαms comє truє ♥ [rp]

Welcome to Disneyland, where every boy and girl is treated like royalty. Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true and Disneyland is apart of making those dreams a reality. Twenty girl’s dreams came true when they were hired to be Face Characters at the Happiest Place on Earth. They were all given stately manor homes close to the park. The girls are roommates and there are five girls to a house. The girl’s thought it would be fun to give each house a clever name with something to do with Disney.
Girls Houses:
♕ House ONE ~ When You Wish Upon A Star
♕ House TWO ~ Be Our Guest
♕ House THREE ~ Shining, Shimmering, Splendid
♕ House FOUR ~ Under The Sea
Guys Houses:
♕ House ONE ~ Second Star To The Right
[Nick Marshall, Caleb White, Drew Hanson, Connor Sheppard, and Blake Tucker]
♕ House TWO ~ A Star is Born
[Eric Reed, Ryan Lawrence, James Chandler, Lucas Renner, and Ben Browning]
♕ House THREE ~ Street Savoire Faire
[Adam Lott, Alex Tuller, Cameron Henry, Chris Wuu, and Greg Westen]
♕ House FOUR ~ The Court of Miracles
[Preston Moore, Aiden Miller, Nathan Hanely, Braden Carlson, and Coleman Jones]
The Girl's Bios:
Guys Bios:
Audition Process:
- make a fashion set with a picture of your character and your model
- copy and paste the bio provided with your character you have chosen
- then write a story story 4 to 7 paragraphs ( note: it can be longer if you have a lot to say, but no shorter than 4 )
- publish the set, and we will see it
example audition:
- one character per person, if we don't have enough people then you can make a second
- when there is a new event coming up, you must make a set with your story
- please stay active
Monday: Day off of work. Get settled back into life at Anaheim. Try to work out all your issues and get back to being happy at Disney.
Tuesday: Full day of work. The weather is perfect today and things just seem to be going your way. Take full advantage of it.
Wednesday: Full day of work. A very influential and high executive of Disney turns 80 today. The whole park is celebrating and there is a big bash after closing to celebrate his birthday.
Thursday: Half day of work. Take the rest of the day to bond with family, whether it's your biological family or your own chosen one.
Friday: Full day of work. End of the week party at Street Savoire Faire.
Saturday: Half day of work. Photography class is back in session. Present your photo assignments and take on a new one.
Sunday: Half day of work. There's a big gala tonight for Monster's University.

Monday: Full day of work then the cast members at Disney are having an 'After-closing' Picnic in the park
Tuesday: Full day at work. It's going to be an extremely hot day. Also all merchandise for cast members today is 80% off. It's a great day to stock up on Disney items
Wednesday: Half day of work then Jamie and Eric are hosting a Great Gatsby themed party with their good friends at the Hyatt
Thursday: Half day of work then the cast members are encouraged to bond! Girls, go shopping or to a spa or both! Or whatever you think will bring you closer to your friends.
Friday: Full day of work and the end of the week party is at Shining, Shimmering, Splendid
Saturday: The understudies are taking over for the next two days because the group is headed to Vegas!
Sunday: The group is still in Vegas and will leave back for LA that night.


Sophia & Katelin ♥

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