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Random Title, but for some reason this set makes me think of lying on a beach in Cali. Awkward: Despite the fact that it's 1:30 pm, my body is telling me that it's entirely too early to be awake right now. I'm gonna go take a nap.. I think. 

I forgot to talk about ANTM! Hmm, to put it simply: Sandra's a b*tch, and I don't think she's a good model at all. Celia seemed pretty awesome. Although she's not very pretty, she photographed amazingly. Grr, I can't remember what this girls name is: the one with the huge eyes. She looked so interesting that she's like actually perfect for modeling. I'm really interested to see the make-over that they give her. Aminat has potential, but as of right now she only seems capable of pouting. Fo is gorgeous beyond all reason. Unfortunately she's short, which means she's not going to get far in this competition at all. I wish she had just waited till the next cycle. She totally would OWN the 5"7' and under group next season. London has a really cool personality, but she's poorly proportioned for modeling. I love her and her style though :] Tahlia is too insecure, so I don't feel like she can really make it that far. Plus, she's too chubby for regular modeling and too skinny for plus size. Idk what's going to happen with her. Kortnie is really pretty but she kinda looks like she belongs in a beauty pageant. Teyona's face is really cool. She /looks/ like a model, but I'm not sure if she actually knows /how/ to model. Natalie's ugly, boring and didn't really stand out. Yet I seem to be able to remember her name, and not the nose-bleed chick with the big eyes. Nijah has such a pretty smile. Her photo totally reminded me of an Old Navy ad. Jessica's skin is completely flawless. It's not fair! I have nothing to say about her modeling/photo simply because her skin was so perfect that I was upset lol. Isabella was so adorable, I thought she could have gone farther. 

Result: Isabella go bye bye =/ I think it should have been Sandra though. At least Isabella tried to pose. Sandra was just standing there. 

If you read all of that please write, "Angie's full of Malarkey, and I don't know why I just read her opinion as though it actually matters."
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