I'll write more when I get 5 faves and some comments. 
 I'm Anastasia Marks. I usually just go by Anna. I've had a hard life. Singing kept me in place.

 "Anstasia, you have a life to live, get out of this horrid place, this horrible town, and do something with your life."
 "But mom, I'm only 16, I still have school to finish." I replied with teary eyes
 "It's okay, hun, you don't need to see this bad place anymore. You can get through without school." my mom replied
 "I'm not ready to leave mom!" I yelled, balling
 "Go. We'll keep in touch. I got you something" my mom said, starting to cry. She gave me a great big hug as she handed me a music note necklace. It was beautiful. I left with my big Vera Bradley suitcase behind me with everything I needed. I didn't like this town, but I could've finished school then left. I guess it was for the better anyway, as bad as this place was.
 I was on the road in my blue convertible I got for my 16th birthday. I'm on my way to a better place, to start my career.
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