I walked across campus in a dream like state. Everything in my life was perfect, perfect guy, perfect friends, perfect life. But this happy bliss only lasted until I got to the park because there I saw the one thing that could ruin my day and in fact my happy life in the form of an annoying frizzy haired dork better know as none other than Bree. 

I clasped my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming my heart beating fast, I had forgotten about her and the dark cloud that seemed to follow her bringing unhappiness to all those that opposed her. Then suddenly she turned to me and smirked walking toward my in the gangly body looking as awardward as always, and I was glad I got her kicked off the cheer team whatever doubts I had about that faded away as she got near trailed by some ugly blonde girl. 

"Sorry Pre-k is that way." I said pointing to the street smirking as her toddler friend caught up. "Whatever, happy to see me?" She said darkly, her friend nodded in some kind of lame support. "Well I am glad you got over your addiction to crack." I said flipping my perfectly curled hair. "WHAT?" Bree spluttered. I gave a whimsical laugh and said, "Well or at least that's what everyone thinks." I looked at my phone and sent out a quick mass text to everyone at school, 'Bree is back from crack re-rehabilitation.' 

Bree visibly paled but tried to play it off, "No they don't." She said her friend shaking her head. "Oh looks like you made a new friend on the playground." I said looking at the annoying pubescent girl standing before me. "Why are you so mean?" The girl said. "Why are you so ugly and underdeveloped?" I countered. 

Bree had had enough, she grabbed the wide eyed, red nosed blonde and pulled her off, storming back to the dorms talking in a hushed angry tone.

So much for my perfect life, back to the real world where I would have to fight for my place. The only bright side was at least it was entertaining even though I already knew I was going to win, as always.

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