INSPIRED BY kissing vioℓets. . her
sets are beyond what i can express in just MEER words. seriously she deserves way more faves then she gets. <33

hmm... what to do , what to do.


start time 6:40- ish. pm]

well, i am katrina anne. & uhh, well i am definitely psychotic and I VERY SLOW TYPER. i LOVE CAPITAL LETTERS, as you can tell and i think that if i was on a television show i would be the crazy one who doesn't stop moving like she has ants in her pants, and talks really fast and wow's the world and makes nonsensical jokes that aren't actually jokes BUT COULD BE. i blabber & blabber & OH MY BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS. less than two actually I TURN FOURTEEEEEN, what an average number, i am an average student, AVERAGE AVERAGE & GOD DARN AVERAGE. i dress not average though, hahaha, but yeah. i get high on the most strangest things, you should see, i can get high on smelling sweet scented paper. i think right now you are wondering when the hell is this chick gonna shut up well i will soon, LESS THAN A MINUTE LEFT OF MY BLABBERINGS. i wish i could say that i was a fairy. AND I CAN. although we fairies aren't all that sweet, we can be delightlfully cheeky and BAAAAM.

my five minutes are over.. but WAIT, i also love making words. TAAHDAAAH.

- i tagg anyone who sees this to try that write as much things about you in 5 minutes, IT WAS BLOODY FUN.
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