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challenge part one.


"So a bunch of randoms are going to be in my apartment for no apparent reason." Ashton said his hair sticking out all over the place as he sipped his coffee.

"They have a reason , they are here to interview me." I said in a fake chripy tone. "Can i just run away? You'd cover for me won't you Ashy."

"Not if you call me that." He mumbled. "What time are they meant to get here?" he asked picking up The Times of the counter.

I shrugged "No idea which is why i got up at five thirty this morning to get ready." I said placing my head on my hand. Five thirty in the morning was way to early for me.

"No shoulders on the table." Ashton yelled with a teasing grin. I flipped him the bird as he walked away. "You suck!"

"According to Rory so do you." 

"What?" I said running after him. "I mean what?" I said again. Ashton smirked, "You urgh" I said hitting him softly numerous times. "He did not say that." "I never... why would anyone... that is just no." I said.

"Don't you have to get ready for a day in the life of Rachel." he said grabbing both my hands to stop me from hitting him. 

I huffed pulling my hands out of his grip and walking away. I need more than just vitamin C to survive this. I needed Coffee.

And a model.


Half an hour later MY apartment was full of people. The interview , a slightly older woman who dressed like a twenty something. Classic case of T- Swift syndrome looked over at me. "I hope this wasn't a bad time." she said with a fake smile.

I smiled , well faked smiled "None at all." I said sweetely. It wouldn't have mattered if it was a good time or not , she would have shown up regardless.

"So i was thinking we would do my top 5 essentials while we are here." I said , the interviewer nodded. "So to your closest?"

"Oh no , I have in the studio ready for this , so if you don't mind follow me." I said walking quickly over to the studio door not caring if they were following or not.

"So you're an artist as well?" the interviewer said looking at Ashton's art work. I shook my head "No this is my roommates work."

"Roommate huh? And where is she this morning?" 

"He is probably in his bedroom reading the new yorker while eating jam on toast." I said "Or in the bathroom using unimanginable amounts of hair product trying to defeat the beast that is his hair."

"He." The woman repeated with a big smile, Oh look at her thinking she has her story. "Yes he." I repeated. 

"Is he your boyfriend."

"God no!" I said disgusted at the thought. of it. "My boyfriend is Rory." I said shaking my head , foolish woman.

"Rory," she said repeating the name "And is he happy about you and your 'roommate' living together."

"Yes." I said simpley.

"Anyway this is supposed to be about fashion so camera man swing your focus over here." I said pointing to the rack i had placed in the center of the room. "Here are my five essentials." I said.

"And here is a friend and client of mine Laura , you might have seen her working the runways." I added as she walked. "Who will be modelling different looks that you can wear with the five essential items."

"Okay than , What is your first item?" 

"The little black dress right?" I asked the camera "Every woman should have one. They are verstaile and if choosen correctly can be very flattering." I said pulling the black dress of the rack.

"The one i picked today is perfect for Laura." I said holding it against her.

"And why isn't she wearing it?" The woman asked, I sighed "Well will get to this later." i said "Anyway this dress , is the perfect length and shape for Laura."

"And how would you take it from casual to party worthy?"

"Casual i would pair it with a blazer and a cute pair of flats, I'd add a bag because every girl has one." I said "And for party wise , I'd keep the blazer swap the flats for a pair of black pumps , grab a clutch and add a statement necklace." 

"And what is next?"

"The next four items can all be found on Laura." I said moving closer. 

"Okay well could you please explain them?" 

"Firstly we have a basic tee. " I said "I have chosen a Gray one for Laura but any colour will do." I said biting my lip. "Basic tee's are a must have because it is just a versatile piece. You can wear them to anywhere and everything."

"The next piece, " I began "Is a pair of fitted jeans." I said pointing the pair of jeans. "It is very important that a woman chooses the right pair of jeans. Ladies make sure you dress for your shape." I said directly into the camera. "Obviously Laura is wearing a pair of black skinny jeans because she is tall and thin and they suit her."

"The next piece are blazers." I said , "I just love them , they add the finish touch to all outfits ,whether you wear it with a tee and jeans or with a dress it just looks right." I said. "Plus i used to always wear blazers for school so i know how to style with them in a hundred different ways."

"And last but not least is a wide brimmed hat." I said nodding "Well to be honest a hat but i just find wide brimmed hats seem to work better. " 

"And as you can see you can create an outfit out these items." I said proudly.

"Yes we can see that," the interviewer said rolling her eyes. "So what do you do next?" she asked. 

"Update her blog." Laura said smriking a little. I glarred at her "No , Well sometimes." I said "But not today."

"Can i have my studio back yet?" Ashton yelled.

"Is that your roommate?"

"Room Mate? Is that what you call each other now." Laura asked amused "I though you are like best friends."

"We are. Just shush you are here to be pretty not talk."

"Why doesn't he come in for the interview."

"Because he isn't part of the show." I said obviously. What happened to a day in the life of Rachel.

"But he is a part of your life."

"So... "

"Get the boy in here." The woman said to one of the camera man. After getting Ashton to agree to sit on the interview to make sure i am being honest the woman began , "Lets start with the easy questions."

"How about you describe your own personal style?" She asked like this was some hard hitting stuff. I rolled my eyes when the camera was focusing on her.

"Super mega foxy awesome." I said with a grin "A boho hipster hobo." Ashton called out from across the room.

"Ignore him." I said sweetly to the camera. The lady just raised an eyebrow.

"Are you a trendsetter or follower?" 

"I take trends and make them my own." I said "That is part of being a stylist ." I said with a grin.

"If you could dress one celebrity/model/etc who would it be and why?" 

" Gwen Stefani. I have been a fan of her ever since i was a little girl. "The interview laughed flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Could you even understand No Doubts songs, You would have been five or something?" she asked sounding surprised.

"I am just a girl was my jam." I said in a huff "And back to why i would dress her because she has two different styles in my opinion she has her classic redcarpet goddess looks and then her rocker pop superstar look and i would just love to play around with those two styles."

"Why did you decide to come on Running In Heels?" 

"Because i want to prove to myself that i can do something. That i am just not medicore at fashion but i actually have talent at it." I said frowning , I am sure compared to the other girls reason that seemed stupid.

"Have you always been intrigued by fashion?" 

" When did you first become interested?"

"I've been interested in fashion since i was a little girl , at first it wasn't the clothes that got my attention , it was the fact the i could control it. As a child growing up with to very busy parents they were always travelling and the maids came and went quickly so my life was never stable. So as a young girl i decided that my clothes were the best thing and i would style them all the time , eventually i would sneak .. well steal my mother's fashion magazines and start learn about style although i believe i already had it and before you know it i was telling people how to dress" 

"Telling people how to dress?"

"Yes , they had terrible style , they needed my help. Anyway i started doing that and then i started my blog and it escalated from there and now i am on this show."

"So it didn't really answer the question." The interviewer said.

"Yes it did."

"What are your parents thoughts on your career and lifestyle choices? she asked smiling.

"Uhm , well" I said looking around. Ashton unfortunately wasn't playing attention. "Excuse me , I just need to use the bathroom." I said before looking back at the filming crew "You don't have to follow me in there do you?" I asked , the man coughed looking away muttering no. Thank god.

I quickly moved towards the bathroom closing the door and double checking they didn't follow before pulling my cell out of my jean pocket. Texting Ashton for help. 'Just say they are happy for you to be doing what you love.' he replied after a minute. I sighed flushing the toliet for effect and washing my hands.

"Sorry about that boys, back to your question." I said running a hand through my hair adding a messy effect "My parents will be happy i am doing something with my life." I lied , In all honesty they probably didn't know at all. To busy spending their days in shopping in Paris or fuc.king there toy boys in Rome.

"If you weren't working in fashion what would you be doing?"

"Being a rich socialite with no skills or talents , ala every character on gossip girl. No i don't know really , I have also been indecisive. Apart from fashion i guess my interests have always been something on the artistic side so maybe an artist or a musician or something like that."

"You can't even draw a straight line." Ashton commented "And i have heard you sing , You guys should be happy she made it in fashion." He joked. Well mostly.

"And lastly why will you win?"

"Because i'm good at what i do."

Outtakes - Question not addressed in the story.

How did you feel when you were accepted?
Suprised mostly. I didn't think i'd stand a chance against all these other girls.

What do you think you will bring to the show?
A calmness maybe? No. I guess i am a self depreciation idiot who some how has a taste in fashion.

What are you looking forward to the most about the show?
Growing , Learning , Getting to work with cool clothes.

Questions About Style

If you could have any celebrity closet , who's would it be? Nicole Richie. She just seems to have an awesome fashion taste now that she has settled down and got away from Paris Hilton. Also i wouldn't mind a few pieces from Rachel Bilson's closest either.

Name some designers, photographers, blogs, models that influence your work and what you like about them. 
Uhm Alexander Wang , Terry Richardson- yes i know but he is a good photographer , Alexander McQueen , Street Style Blogs , New York and London , Alexa Chung , Poppy Delevigne, According to Annika, Cheyenne Meets Chanel.

Name the one item that everyone should have in their wadrobe?
Getting away from my essential five i think statement jewellery is something you should have. It can either dress up an outfit or add the perfect hippie boho touch.

What is your favourite era of fashion? 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.
"A mix of all of them? Can i say that?"

What are you favourite colours to incorporate in your wardrobe? Blacks , Whites , Greys and Ox Blood. Well right now anyway though i do love popping some bright colours in now and than.

Who is your biggest style icon?
I don't think i have one big style icon. I have alot , so many people inspire me.

Personal Questions

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hate these questions because i prefer living in the now. I don't know honestly i just want to be happy with what ever i am doing.

How do you relax? 
I like to sleep. Sleep is good but no i guess my idea of relaxing would either be lounging about my apartment watching movies ,drinking wine and eating all the unhealthy food i could find or sitting in central park with my ipad updating my blog while sipping on my starbucks.

Favourite movie/tvshow/musician.
My favourite movie is Love Actually , It's just a classic and that scene with the signs gets me everytime. My favourite show is How I Met Your Mother , a show set in New York that is actually awesome and has continuity. My favourite Musician is Frankie Ocean , he is just amazing. 

Biggest Fear?
Forgetting who i am. Not just in literal sense which by the way would be very scary but in the sense that i will lose what makes me.

Favourite thing to do in your hometown?
Just walk around and take in the sights. No matter how many times i see them they never get old.

Three words to describe yourself?
Observant , Awkward , Fashionable.

What is happiness to you?
Laying in bed on a rain morning drinking a hot chocolate with marshowmells on top and watching bad romcoms while snuggled under the blankets.

What can you not survive without?
A heart.
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Fabulous set!
Congrats :)

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I loved! Sorry I've been that long to comment and likes, and everything.

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Gorgeous outfit, amazing layout! Congratulations dear!! ❤

Wrote 4 years ago
this is so perfect, congratulations! :D



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