This purpose of this quiz is to find out what supporting Disney character you are most like (lol idk i'm bored) 

1. Lumiere
[ ] you can speak French
[ X] you are very welcoming
[X ] you enjoy singing and dancing!
[X ] you are caring
[ ] you have an on and off boyfriend
[ ] you and your bff don't get along
[X ] you light up any room so to speak
[x ] you like big homes
[ X] you would love to live in france!
[] beauty and the beast is your FAVE Disney movie
Your total: 6/10

2. Cheshire Cat
[ ] you speak in riddles
[ ] you are sneaky
[ X] your favorites colors are purple and/or pink
[X ] you smile a lot
[] you always seem to go up to someone at the right time
[ ] you like to trick people
[X] you enjoy tea or coffee
[ ] you are slick talking
[ ] you love cats!
[ ] you don't like singing a lot
Your Total: 3/10

3. Mr. Smee
[X ] you are clumsy
[X ] stripes are SO you
[ ] hats are fun to wear
[X ] you freak out easily or have anxiety
[X ] you have a controlling friend
[] you love life at sea
[ ] you want to/were a pirate for Halloween
[ X] Peter Pan is your favorite Disney movie
[ X] You try to do the right thing
[ ] you have glasses
Your total: 6/10

4. Mirror from Snow White
[ ] you love to tell the future
[X ] you tell the truth
[X ] you know a lot about everyone at school/work
[X ] your style is simple
[ ] a castle is your dream home
[X ] you try to show everyone that they are beautiful
[ ] Apples are your favorite food
[ X] White is your favorite color
[ X] You like Snow White more than the evil Queen
[ ] Snow White is your favorite princess (did you know she was the first?)
Your total: 6/10

5. Merriweather
[ X] blue is better than pink!
[X ] you like fairies
[X ] you wish you could fly
[X ] you think your best friend is a princess
[X ] you are caring (I could do a whole quiz on Flora, Merriweather, and....who is the last one...? the pink one? IDK)
[X ] You like to plan parties
[ ] Sewing is fun
[X ] You can be grouchy and stubborn
[ ] you fight a lot
[ X] you are part of a trio of friends
Total: 8/10

6. Meeko (pochahontas)
[ ] raccoons are the best!
[ ] you are an outdoorsy person
[ ] fish is your favorite meat
[ ] black is your favorite color
[ ] you are very small
[ X] you get into trouble easily
[ ] your are quiet
[X ] you like to eat
[ ] sailing would be a chore
[ X] you love to play in the woods
Your Total: 3/10

7. Mooshu or Mushoo
[X] red or orange is your favorite color
[ ] china is your favorite country
[X] you like to push your friends to their limits while working out or doing sports
[X] you can think fast 
[ ] you have been to reform school or an academy of some sort
[X ] you feel like you were born in the wrong century
[X ] you would love to beat up bad guys
[X ] tough is your middle name
[X] you are clumsy 
[X] you are loud
your total: 8/10

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