"Which of these phrases make me sound the most smarticle?"

Name: Whitney Juliana Darling
Age: 17
Model: Danielle Knudson
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
Never without: Her iPhone, lip butter, gum, two wallets (one for cash, one for cards - duh!), a flask, hand sanitizer, Kleenex pack, and a valid excuse.
Style: If it's on-trend and expensive then, chances are, Whitney has it. She's very girly meets glamorous. She's all about bright colors (though she never says no to black), lacy lingerie, luxe fabrics, killer heels, cool details, anything revealing, and anything brand-stamped is ok by her.
Scent: Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci
Likes: Bright colors, the beach, expensive clothes, being rich, foreign boys, bikinis, parties, sushi, gossip girl, fashion magazines, tennis, money, photographs, fashion shows, movie premiers, manicures, lip butter, eyeliner, the spa, Kleenex packs, hand sanitizer, avocados, weight watchers, sunglasses, frozen yogurt, loud dance music, snapping, starbucks.
Dislikes: when people call her tacky (even though, let's be honest - she sort of is), school, chapped lips, germs, gaining weight, black and white movies, classical music, socks, deep water, sad movies, public parks.
Personality: dumb, tacky, sweet, crazy, charismatic, sexy, fun, impulsive, hilarious, gullible, bitchy, brash, vivacious.
Bio: When you think Whitney, you think new-money right away. They're interchangeable - and the word tacky often works almost as well. Born to an Italian ex-Playboy Bunny and self-made Movie Producer Dad, the millions of dollars that the Darling's have amassed come entirely from this generation. Naturally, Whitney loves to reap the benefits of her super-luxe life. With lots of clothes. And lots of fun. Because - hey, she's a hot rich girl who, let's be honest, is not the smartest - what else is she going to do? A natural question at this point is how exactly Whitney managed to get into The Glass Society - and the answer is simple. Whit's parents divorced three years ago and her father's new wife, Elizabeth Von Heint, is total old-money, high-class - and just so happens to have been a debutante with The Glass Society herself. She pulled a few strings and got Whitney in. Let's hope Whit can just /stay/ in.
Secret: Hypersexuality & she's bi
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