-Alex Clare "Too Close"
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|C+J Audition 12.2.12|

So I wanted to audition for a guy, since I've never roleplayed a guy before and I thought it would be interesting :) this is my first guy set...sorry it's not the best. Let me know if you come across any collections for men's clothing, and pictures I can use in my sets for him...thanks! :)
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Keegan Davis (18)

STYLE: Keegan’s style is very stylish, yet laid back. He could be considered as having a “skater boy” style. He owns lots of button down shirts, flannels, and plain V-neck tee shirts. Also, he’s a fan of wearing beanies and beaded bracelets. Some people question him because he’s a little obsessed with shoes; designer sneakers, boots, and boat shoes are his favorites. 

LIKES: girls, girls, girls, his blackberry, beanies, longboarding, leather, bracelets, his guy friends, his girl friends, having money, working out, music, his guitar, showing off, attention, his body, technology, parties, his little sister

DISLIKES: his mother, spending money, school, shopping, being ignored, not eating enough, drama, feeling threatened, New York City, fame

BIO: Keegan, or as some people call him K or Kee, is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. Despite his grunge appearance, he is a true sweetheart. He just likes to chill with his friends and have a good time. No one knows about his psychopath mother, but at times people notice that he’s hurting. The lie he was told is that his father passed away in a car accident back in New York City, and that’s why people think he gets upset. He loves his little sister and will do anything to be there for her and protect her. One of his interests is music, and he’s learning how to play the guitar and he loves writing poetry and his own lyrics when he’s not at school, longboarding, partying, or chilling with friends. As for girls, like any other guy he finds them extremely attractive and doesn’t mind a nice hookup, but don’t mistake him for a man whore, because he’s not. He’s quite the sweet talker though.
FAMILY SECRET: His father was a multi-millionaire from mafia business in New York City. One day he was threatened to give up his inheritance, or his family would be killed; so of course he was going to give away his money. Keegan’s mom discovered this and with her addiction to spending and owning money, would not allow this. She murdered her husband and moved Keegan, who was eight years old at the time, and his little sister Hayley, who was three at the time, to Buenos Aires to get away from the mafia. His mom is a complete psychopath, but has no clue that Keegan knows about the incident. He found out accidently while she was drunk; he despises his mother. 

MODEL: Francisco Lachowski 

TAKEN BY: @thecittadevil

>> How does your character feel about Natalia's murder?
Keegan rarely knew Natalia, but what he knew about her was that she was a sweet girl who would do no harm. With the murder of his father, he knows how it feels to lose a loved one and sympathizes with Natalia’s friends and family. She seems like a pretty girl though and he wish he got to know her. 
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"Bro, nice board." Ray gave me a head nod to acknowledge my new board. It was a deep red with clear wheels, and the bottom side was black with a sick skull design. 

"Thanks man." I hopped on the board and he hopped on his old hand-me-down board from his brother. It was in decent condition, the alignment was a little screwed up but that's nothing a screw can't fix. 

We cruised down the street until we stopped short when girls were walking towards us on the sidewalk. 

"Daaaam." Ray whispered to me and I held back a laugh but I did a sexy smile instead. 

"Keegan and Ray. What a surprise." One of the girls winked and the rest of them laughed. "How are you guys doing?" 

"Great, but better now." I winked and a bunch of the girls couldn't help but smile. 

What can I say, I'm adorable...I can't help it. 

"What are you girls doing walking around the city by yourselves?" Ray asked and popped his board up with his foot so he could hold it. It was the easiest trick in the book, and I could see the girls swooning over it. 

"Just did a little shopping. We're on our way to Miranda's house." One of the girls explained. (Just made up a random name...)

"You guys should come over!" Another girl piped in and me and Ray exchanged approving glances at each other. But then my phone sang. 

I reached in my pocket and read the text message. 

Kee can you come home please?

Crap, it was from my eleven year old sister Hayley. 

"We would loooo---" Ray started to say but I interrupted him.

"We would love to, but I actually have to get home. Sorry ladies, we can definitely try another time." 

"Definitely." The girls said in unison and Ray gasped at me. 

"Duuuude...what are you---" He started to say again but I elbowed him. 

"See you around." I smiled and started to ride off on my board and Ray followd. 

"Kee! Man! What the hell---" 

"Hayley texted me, I have to get home." I sighed, "Sorry man." I gave him a fist pound and rode home alone as fast as I could on my board. 

I sprinted up the steps and grabbed the key from under our front door mat. 

"Hayley?!" I half yelled as I entered the house and she ran down the stairs. 

"Keeeeee!" She almost knocked me over with a hug. 

"What's wrong?" I questioned, grabbing her and picking her up while I looked around the foyer cautiously for our mom. 

"Mom is dizzy." She said and squirmed in my arms. "Put me down Kee, I'm not four." 

I chuckled, "Sorry Hay, you're still my little sister." 

"Yeah but not that little." She giggled and suddenly we heard a large bang. 

"Keegan! That you?" I heard my mother ask and Hayley darted back up the stairs. 

I knew my mother was drunk, and that's why Hayley told me to come home. 

I hated leaving her home alone with my mother, it worried me every second. I can never trust my mother...never. 

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pm me darling!! im bored!

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dude just search collections for if i were a boy. there are LOADS.

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please high class fashion sets only. roleplay ads allowed, though.
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"The one in the green is Elena; she was like Satan in heels. Oh, the leggy one is Bristol, doomed to be popular because of that face. Then Natalia... oh Nat..."

"The one in the green is Elena; she was like Satan in heels. Oh, the leggy one is Bristol, doomed to be popular because of that face. Then Natalia... oh Nat..."

19 sets from 19 members. Ended 4 years ago.
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