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1. I'm currently studying Advertising, and hope to eventually become a creative director.
2. One of my biggest dreams right now is to snag an internship at Saatchi & Saatchi!
3. I have really strange music tastes. How strange? Lady Gaga versus Mumson & Ford strange. Yeah, I thought so too.
4. The colour fuschia literally gives me a headache.
5. My favourite colour is blue, though. I was doing some spring cleaning the other day, and realised that more than half my clothes are blue or at least cool-toned.
6. Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush. She's AWESOME.
7. I am a Ray Bradbury fangirl.
8. During school terms, I can last an entire day on one cup of coffee and no food. How's that for survival skills?
9. I love books that make me think hard. Some of my favourite books are The Great Gatsby, Emma, Paradise Lost and Clockwork Orange.
10. But I enjoy books that are easier on the brain too - The Study Series, Queen Bees & Wannabes, Bossypants, Throne of Glass. 
11. I can't count to save my life. Some days, 1 + 1 = 5 (true story)
12. I love cats. Meow.
13. I can't stand untidy brows. I usually get mine done once every 2 weeks.
14. I play squash!
15. I really dislike the sensation of nail polish on my nails. And still...manicures every now and then
16. I've got a total of 5 existing piercings on my ears. I used to have a belly piercing, but took it out after a while.
17. I can't stand extreme heat
18. There's something about boys that make me cringe. I'm rather conflicted about this
19. I love red velvet cakes!
20. I adore Johnny Depp. He could be 80 for all I care, and I'd still tap that.
21. Favourite comedy of all time: 3 Idiots. It's EPIC.
22. I am married to my schoolwork. It's really sad
23. I can be bitchy and mean sometimes. I have this bad habit of making bad things happen to people I dislike. I blame my bad temper
24. I love Kate Moss. Cocaine or no cocaine.
25. I have really uneven eyes. Hehehe

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