I have a hard time getting white to look good even using the building blocks. Anyone have suggestions? Besides putting it by itself or as the first piece. #fashionset #fashion #workdaywearorsunday #style @polyvore-editorial @polyvore
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Wrote three years ago
@lisa-arnold-holden You are so smart!!! That's an excellent idea! I started doing that when I wanted a jacket to look like it was just on one shoulder, but didn't think about doing it for items that "bleed" thru!!! Can't wait to try this now!!! Thanks so much!! This will be a big help! Love you! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Beautiful!! I was going through your sets, checking for any that I'd missed and I came across this one. I liked it, but I don't remember it! LOL!! I must have been really sleepy when I looked at it!! I know we've talked about the difficulties of working with white, but I couldn't remember if I gave you this tip or not, so... Try using multiple copies of the dress (or whatever item you have a problem with). Start by using the top item normally - you see all the background stuff thru it. Then find an area that's got a lot of pixels "bleeding" thru, clone another copy (keeping it on top of the original for now) and use the "custom" button to clip out that "problem area" of the item. Make sure you don't cut all the way to the outside edge though, because you want the original item to be the only one with the edges (so you get a clean look). Once you cut out the piece, use it as a "patch" to replace the color that is missing. If you keep it on top initially, it's easier to get it all lined up. You can either do one big cutout patch or several small ones. (I prefer using several small ones - it seems to work better that way.) Once you cut out and line up all the "patches," send them all behind the original and Voila!! You have an almost perfect white item!! (It's just like using the building blocks, but these "blocks" are pieces of the actual item!) It's a lot of work, but it works well. It's also much easier than painstakingly trimming the entire item. I never get clean edges when I try to trim an entire item but this method gets the best of both. You get the perfect, clean edges of the original - plus you get a nice clear image without background bleed through! Try it! (I apologize if I gave you this suggestion already!)

Wrote three years ago
@onelove123 Thanks!! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
Chic and cute~


Just the outfits PLEASE!

Just the outfits PLEASE!

How about a group for those of you like me who prefer the sets with JUST the outfit?!! A showcase of just the fashion! This is the group for you! NO extra fluff like backgrounds, props, magazine text, etc.! Contests will run frequently, because that's what I like too!! Enjoy!!

everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

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Want Your Set to be Popular?

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White Dresses - OUTFIT ONLY!

White Dresses - OUTFIT ONLY!

327 sets from 160 members. Ended three years ago.
I don't wear white very often, but I do LOVE it! So crisp, and sharp! Show me your favorite white dress sets! 3 days, 3 sets, 12 winners. Have fun!

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