I was tagged by my dear Lena '88 in her perfect set http://www.polyvore.com/magic_moment/set?id=25143486
Sorry dear i'm too late to create set.
"I should talk about me"
-My name is Rainie spell like rainy of course meaning is rainy day/rainy season
-Mine refer to Japanese/Korean name - Min/Mi na
-I'm asian girl a half of Japanese-Korean with a little British-American but I have many root caz my parent is a half too
-Icon pic is real me
-Born in Seoul,South Korea,grow up in vary country,I select from South Korea caz I want to respect my birth place
-Now living in Tokyo,Japan
-Fav place in Japan is Okinawa,Hokkaido,Osaka,Yokohama
-Ever live in Hongkong,Taiwan,Singapore,India,Shanghai,Malaysia when I was young 
-Study 4 years in Boston,U.S
-Engineering study at Tokyo Japan another minor is political and goverment
-Dream to be Engineer or Interior design
-I love drawing,painting,playing sport 
-Street wear Adidas,converse with dress,skinny
-Don't like more girly,too much cute,too much brown or red
-I'm baseball player member term and can play basketball well
-Big fan of Newyork yankee&L.A laker,Dallus mavericks
-Addicted in J-POP,K-POP i can't select most of my fav K or J pop ,this is my life
-Bigbang,2NE1,Wonder girls,Kim Hyun Joong,Jang Geun Suk,Kang Dong Won,Yamapi,Jin,Yui,Yu,Erika alot
-Templation of wolf/1% of anything/love operation
-Spicie food
-Chocolate,icecream,candy,gummy,sweet thing food&juice
-fav color is white,orange,pastel
-fav brand is chanel,alexander mcqueen,LV,emilio pucci,kenzo,chirst chirsty,lanvin,adidas etc
-fav music R&B,hiphop,pop rock
-fav singer/solo/group black eyed peas,beyonce'&jay-z,maroon 5,eminem,jesse mccartney,rihanna,paramore,jonas brothers etc
-music is my life 
-Crazy Josh Harnett,Hayden Christensen,Paul Wesley
-Fav series Prison break,Dextor,Gossip girl,Vampire diarie
-I hate sneck,don't like everything is leopard
-Don't like brown
-Don't judge ppl if u know only outside
-Pretty come from inner so respect other who different
-I'm 20% who want inspiration more than popular
-Can speak English,Korean,Japanese, with a little Mandarin&Thai
-Can't writing in Korean,Japanese well only speak
-My weakness is languge subject,writing,literature or everything about writing fanfic,roleplay
-Pretty well in math ,physics,chemical more than literature
** Nice to know everyone here to made my day happy i'm join this site 5 month ago but my page get error for 3 month 
okay everyone if u want to do this get tagged by me ..to share other to know --peace love the world-- sharing love together --
now I tag
•.♥.• dollmore •.♥.•
♫∁runʞDiDi (bday: 5th dec)

don't worry dear if u don't want :love love:))))
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