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EXO poll 
i forgot the save the link [sorry] and JP poll come from MTVJP&Origon chart

- Top 20 most popular K-pop male idols in China
1. JYJ Jaejoong 2. EXO-M Luhan 3. Big Bang G-Dragon 4. JYJ Yoochun 5. Super Junior Heechul 6. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 7. FT Island Hongki 8. TVXQ Yunho 9. Super Junior Donghae 10. JYJ Junsu 11. EXO-M Kris 12. 2PM Nichkhun 13. EXO-K Sehun 14. TVXQ Changmin 15. Super Junior Kyuhyun 16. EXO-M Lay 17. Super Junior Leeteuk 18. Super Junior Eunhyuk 19. EXO-M Tao 20. EXO-K Chanyeol **China made ranked up to 50 after 20 almost are SJ member.

Let's see Poll from Japan

- Top 20 most popular K-pop male idols in Japan
1.JYJ-Jaejoong 2.Kim Hyun Joong 3.JYJ-Yoochun 4.TVXQ-Yunho
5.JYJ-Junsu 6.TVXQ-Changmin 7.Bigbang-T.O.P 8.Bigbang G-Dragon 9.Bigbang-Seungri
10.Infinite-L 11.CN.Blue-Yonghwa 12.Bigbang-Taeyang 13.SHINee-Taemin 14.FT.Island-Hongki
15.Bigbang-Daesung 16.2PM-Nichkhun 17.CN.Blue-Jonghyun 18.SHINee-Jonghyun 19.SHINee-Minho 20.Infinite-Woohyun
Plus #54 EXO-Luhan is top ranked from EXO no place for Kai in Japan TOP 100 lol 
just like i have said before i'm kinda surprise that Kai not that in popular state.

See sth different in China, idol from SM took over the ranked 
EXO has Chinese member in it sure Luhan-Kris-Lay-Tao got placed ,SJ&SJ-M also promote very hard in China.

While in Japan no place for EXO&SJ in top ranked I was surprised that Infinite also come from no where sudden popular in JP

Most off all,Jaejoong baby you’re incredible because he doesn't get a chance to promote in Korea so i'm not sure is he still top on the list? ,& God bless my Hyunjoong oppa he still that popular?

Random <3<3
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