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First of all, RIP Wojciech Kilar, brilliant composer! Check his work here:

I was tagged by @supercnfinite in her amazing set:

So, my name is Joanna and I was named after famous Polish criminal story writer /and I hate crime stories/.

I wish my parents named me Victoria or something like that, not Joanna -.-

My doll is inspired by Joan of Arc/Joanna d'Arc in Polish/. Maybe we have something in common because since I was little I wanted to become a warrior who saves the earth from vampires/aliens/monsters. I still often have dreams where I'm a warrior. 

I love fantasy; hate realism. My dream is to make movies. I like animated movies the most because there is no boundaries for imagination. I also like works of directors who create their own grotesque words, like Tim Burton, Park Chan-wook or Quentin Tarantino.

My warrior doll is dressed white&red - in colours of Polish flag - because I love my country , and even though I often wish I was leaving somewhere else I know I wouldn't be the same person if I weren't born in Poland.

I like animals; my pets are my friends and family members.
During Christmas we had to put down one of our cats because she got really sick; it's her:

I'm a Leo; I think Leos can be either trendsetters or fashion terrorists:P That's because we love everything that is bold, golden, sparkling...That means most of my clothes have different prints: stripes, floral, tartan, polka dot, stars, even mustaches - I hate simple plain things. And that's problematic when you try to match anything having most of clothes with bold prints:P

Also sparkly-ness, and gold-ness and baroque-ness is what I like. Today I even bought golden messenger bag:
and that box:
to keep my collection of headbands in it.

I love studs and I would say my style is a bit rock:)

I'm weird; I collect weird stuff like octopus plush toy: or everything that has mustache on it:P

And I love pillows:

In one sentence: I'm weird person with too big imagination to live as ordinary person. That's why I make silly animations:

You can see more of my photos/things here:
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