actually, i'm not. i'm not even hugh jackman, although i kinda wish i was [it's late over here in california, pardon the creys and pardon the suck of this set]

[SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO POLYVORE AGAIN! actually, this set -- believe it or not -- was a draft from many many months ago back when a little roleplay named VLV existed and i played an emilia clarke character and her love interest of andrew cooper was supposed to be changed to eddie redmayne before the entire rp collapsed entirely, true story.]

enough with the rambling! a while ago i left polyvore because i needed to concentrate on my life. i needed to work hard senior year, finish college apps... well, around mid-december i found out i got into my dream college! and ever since then, i've been applying for scholarships and such, and one of the ones i encountered online asked for a visual representation, so i created another poly account to make one. if you've never done this before, let me just tell you now -- making a set with no previously saved items is the worst experience EVER. on this account, i have maybe 100 different categories of items that are classified in an organization schematic that only i can understand. and i have no idea how i found them the first time, so after making several sets and becoming completely exasperated on the other account, i finally got the hang of things. and then i remembered how much i really loved making sets.

so here i am. call me a traitor, a hypocrite, what have you... i don't intend to post my writings on here or join any roleplays or anything, as a promise to myself. and i know so much has changed on this website, and it's not exactly the best time to make a triumphant return, but here i am. JEAN VALJEAN! [i REALLY need to stop oh my god -- les mis has taken over my life] and i figured if i'm going to be on poly and make sets, i might as well use my old account. because i have missed you guys. and i've missed polyvore. and my items. *sobs uncontrollably*

still have to figure out what i'm really going to do on here anymore but HELLO! if you remember me [or if you don't know me at all] feel free to say hi. 

xxx emily
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