Don't we all love answering questions about ourselves! I do!! LOL I was tagged by the lovely @shape-shifter Answer the first set, and then either answer the next or make up your own and answer!! So if you are game, answer all 22 questions and tag everyone who's secrets you are dying to know!!! Tag me though so I can see your answers! If you don't want to play, that is absolutely fine. But when you have 37 years of bad luck and all your mirrors break, well you'll know why. :-))) 
These are all my answers! Just copy and paste and substitute your answers. Yes, you have plenty of time. Who needs to clean anyways, right!! LOL

1.What do you want to be when you grow up? A Fashion Designer
2.Ocean or mountain? Mountain, but there has to be a Farm! But I love the ocean it's the one place I truly find my inner peace. 
3. City or country? Country, as I grew up in Ireland my heart will always be in the Country, surrounded by mountains and green fields. close enough, but 
4. Dogs or cats? Portuguese Water dogs, I own 2 Clover and Finn.
5.Name three personal heroes/heroines.My Mom, My Son's Friend Who at such a young she has had to fight eye cancer , Yet always has a smile on her face, and All My Friends who are Mom's as i believe been a Mom is the hardest job there is, to me we are our own Families Hero's. 
6.Name a book you are embarrassed to admit you have never read.The Notebook....but loved the movie!
7. Do you fear the Zombie Apocalypse? Nope,
8.Name your favorite color (you may not say red, pink or blue).Turquoise, Coral and White are my favorite colors. 
9.Do you have any thoughts on the meaning of life that you would like to share? Live Life as it's meant to be lived. Don't dwell to much on the negative things in life but focus more on the good things.We as women get so caught up on who said what, instead of letting it go. Who cares about what people make think as long as your happy inside that;s what matters most.
10. If you were to set out on an adventure, what would it be? What would you need to take with you? Nature photography all over the world...taking the basics and a great companion.oops forgot to answer this one...
11. What should your parents have named you that they didn't? Rosie, since that's what my Family and Friends Call me.
Here are my questions:
1. What is the one thing people would never think of you: Insecure, I am probably the most insecure person I know.
2. Coffee or tea or neither? Coffee, I'm addicted to Dunkin Doughnuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee, funny thing is you may think because I'm Irish it would be tea, Nope I can't Stand tea
3.Do You have A Sweet Tooth? Your going to be Like what when you read this, No I don't.I don't eat candy , cakes etc, never been a big lover of sweet things. 
4. What color are your eyes? dark Blue.
5. Favorite TV Show? The Following
6. Do you believe in life after death Yes.
7. Do you wear your hearth on your sleeve? Always
8. Favorite vacation spot? Greece, Went there on my honeymoon, didn't want to leave . it is heaven on earth to me, with the most breathtaking Sunsets. I hope to return there one day. 

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