✿ who i am, the collection ;D

hey, this a collection for @fashionablykiki 's 3k contest! c:
this is part 2 and this is a collection is about me! ;D
Hope you enjoy!
Love from
Stef xx (◕‿◕ ✿)
  • pug pup We Heart It
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    "1. if you were an animal, what animal would you be?
    if i was an animal, i'd either be a pug or a horse or a reindeer! c: one of those! ;D" — @styleboy
    pug pup on We Heart It
  • anna's personality here is just ah! Frozen cosplay
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    "2. what movie character describes you the most?
    i think anna from frozen describes me the most because i'm akways happy and motivated but also hard working! ;D" — @styleboy
    anna's personality here is just... ah!
  • Chloe
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    "3. who is your otp (can't be a couple that is [openly c;] dating)
    kaylor is my favourite otp! ;D i mean, their friendship is just amazing! c:" — @styleboy
    youshouldvesaidnobaby: “victoria's secret fashion show”
  • hitmeupshawn: i love him - ❁❁❁
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    "4. who is your favourite male celeb and why?
    shawn is my favourite male star because his voice is amazing and he is just amazing! ;D" — @styleboy
    hitmeupshawn: “i love him ”
  • Screaming, crafting, perfect storms
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    "5. who is your favourite female celeb and why?
    taylor swift is my favourite female star because not only are her songs amazing, she is super cute and she supports feminism! :D" — @styleboy
  • 21233712WbBePaf0.gif
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    "6. a cause you are passionate about.
    feminism + equal rights are causes i 100% support because everyone desrves equal rights! c:" — @styleboy
    View Image 21233712WbBePaf0.gif in Full Quality on cubeupload
  • Teens Yellow Geo Embroidered Contrast Skater Dress
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "7. if you were a dress, what would you look like?
    i don't know why but i think everything about this dress represents me! c:" — @styleboy
    Teens. For sweet occasion styles this yellow geo embroidered skater dress is the perfect pick.- Geo embroidered top- Fit and flare design- Rounded neckline- Sleeveless design- Mini length- Zip back fastening
  • Taylor Swift- All Too Well - lyrics at your disposal
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    "8. song lyrics that make you cry/sad.
    i'm sorry but this song makes me want to cry because it's amazing!" — @styleboy
    Taylor Swift- All Too Well
  • Robert Finale Skyrock
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    "9. your interpretation to a famous piece of art. (use the art as the picture and explain in the caption)
    well, i think this represents that people should look forward to the future as the colours get lighter ahead! c:" — @styleboy
  • Caviuno (Sunglasses Giveaway)
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    "10. an outfit you would actually wear. (can be a set or a picture)
    i'd totally wear this! c:" — @styleboy
    Time For Wood Sunnies, Dockers Striped Knit styled by Matthias Cornilleau in Caviuno (Sunglasses Giveaway)—see looks like this and more on LOOKBOOK.
  • Breathing intensifies Descriptive Noise Know Your Meme
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    "11. your favourite meme" — @styleboy
    See more 'Descriptive Noise' images on Know Your Meme!
  • summer vibes
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    "12. a place you would never want to leave
    brighton is totally mine! c:" — @styleboy
    ““@zozeebo: Wish there was a beach hut emoji ☺️” ”
  • Important We Heart It
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    "13. something that disgusts you (if it's inappropriate according to polyvore just have a blank image and tell me)
    this makes me sick! -_-" — @styleboy
    Important on We Heart It
  • rosy cheeks;
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    "14. lyrics to your JAM (aka favourite song)
    i love how to get to get the girl! ;D" — @styleboy
  • Eva Gutowski on Instagram: “I mean if Americas next top model is looking for a 5'5 girl to fill in a spot I got you.”
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    "15. how you feel about back to school
    i feel prepared and strong for this year! ;D" — @styleboy
    “I mean if Americas next top model is looking for a 5'5 girl to fill in a spot I got you.”
  • Tumblr
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    "16. a "dorky" thing you find interesting
    i don't know if disney classes as one but i do love disney! ;D" — @styleboy
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • cracker polly
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    "17. a tumblr text post that makes you actually laugh
    i don't actually have one but this one made me smile! c:" — @styleboy
    Tumblr, humour, funny, lol, haha, chat post, text post | See more about butterflies, man up and texts.
  • "I mean, look at me, I wouldnt survive in jail. ", Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you
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    "18. a place you wish to travel to
    omg, i'd love to go to new york! ;D" — @styleboy
    “ Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you ”
  • Cute Cats #5
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    "19. a picture of a cat that represents your mood (be silly with this one!!)
    i think slightly cute (is that even a feeling?!?!)" — @styleboy
    Cute Cats #5 Cute Cats, Cute-cats pictures
  • We Heart It
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    "20. your favourite internet famous person
    zoella is at the top of my list! ;D" — @styleboy
    Group of: Zoe @zozeebo ONLY 1 DAY LEFT U...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram) | We Heart It


Wrote one year ago
thank you! :3

Wrote one year ago
this is so cute, and so accurate for you!

Wrote one year ago
yeah! ^-^ i always knew it !;D

Wrote one year ago
omg you are so much like anna that is so en pointe!!!

Wrote one year ago
♔ - She might've let you hold her hand in school, but I'mma show you how to graduate - ♔
@hail1101 - We haven't talked but your sets seem really creative and amazing! cx
@fruitcakecoleman - Ellie! cx I simply adore talking to you because you have such a angelic personality that is also funny and will never run out of conversation! c: Also, your outfits are really chic and your sets are just perfection so Ellie, may happiness come to you! =D
@albamonkey - I have 3 things to say! =D
1. Loving your new icon! =D
2. You are literally so lovely to talk to and you are so funny to talk to so I <3 you for that! =D
3. Your outfits are so chic and your sets are so cute! :3
@forever21-xo Hey bambi! cx Your sets are literally so so cute and your outfits are just amazing! =D I feel like I need to give you more credit for being amazing! :D Your personality is just so sweet and funny so I really want to you more! c:
@tessa0114 - I don't really know you but you seem really nice and your sets look so cool! c:
@oneheart41-d - Amanda, hey! cx Your sets are just on point and your outfits are literally the icing on the cake! I love them! c: You also have a perfect personality and I love how sweet and kind you are! c; In addition, I love how you're staying strong to who you are and never leave that! c:
@missjohanna02 - hello there johanna c: you are literally one of the most sweetest and most thoughtful - est people that I know on polyvore and I adore you for that, also, your outfits are super cute and your imagines are on point! =D Countie you being you! c:
@tropical-songwriter - hay nicole! ;D You are literally as sweet as sugar, as funny as comdien and you are as artistic as an artist! =D nicole, ilysm and you I adore you so much! cx just keep one being yourself my friend! =D
@suitcases-of-memories - hello yifan! =D I know we don't really talk as often due to time zones (gosh i hate them) but you are so cute and your outfits are so good! ^-^ I really want to talk to you more often and I can't wait to talk to you more! =D
@waiting-on-the-world - we don't really know each other but your sets look so cute! :3
@f-4bulous - hey swifie buddy! ^-^ I ADORE YOURE SETS SO MUCH! cx they are literally amazing 100% times better than mine! c: I love them as well as your personality! You are literally so nice and I adore talking to you, I would love to talk more! c:
@r5-austinandally-taylorswift - hey bestie, bethany! ^-^ i have seen your sets develop and i adore every single set that you have made with your uber creative idea, love them. also, you are just so sweet to talk to and you have such an amazing personality! love it and i'm your friend, not matter what! =D
@niyallsprincess - hellp ems! c: your make some of the best sets with amazing outfit ideas which i just <3! c: i wish i had your set making skills! ^-^ also, you are super lovely to talk to as well as being pretty funny and being so inspirational (with your latest scavenger hunt) so ems, i salute you! ;D
@absurd-ambitions - hey there kaela! =D your sets = fun and enjoyment with a super stylish edge, i wish my sets were more like that! :3 also, we have literally so much in common which I <3 and I love talking to you! c: i hope you are happy and i wish you an amazing polyvore career! =D
@thundxrstorms - hey telsa! ;D omg, you're sets have literally some of the best colour codes, outfits and everything! ;D also, you are literally one of the sweetest people to talk to and we literally have so much to talk to, omg we are literally besties! c:

Wrote one year ago
✿ - Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, I shake it off - ✿
@romalegotskills + @i-wish-i-was-a-flower - your sets seem really cool and you two seem really nice! :3
@dressed-like-a-daydream - Hello Gloria! ^-^ Even though you don't think so, your sets are amazing! And you're one of the mist funniest yet sweetest people that I know! c: I really want to talk more! =D You are amazing and hope the weather is getting amazing! c:
@she-is-fearless Hey Lucy! c: You are probably one of the most charitable people on polyvore that I know! c: And I really like talking to you because you are so sweet! As well as your sets + icons being just so amazing, you are also amazing! =D
@foreverswagger Aholha Miranda! ^-^ Even though we haven't talked in ages, you are so sweet and funny so I miss talking to you! I love how your amazing sets represents your amazing perosnality so I <3 you so much! =D
@that-east-coast-prep - Hey poly-bestie Madison! =D ILYSM! CX You're sets are 1000% better than mine and are amazing! =D Also, you are really nice, funny and I generally adore talking to you! c: You 100% desvrve all the followers you get! =D Iysm and please don't change! =D
#talislittletag - Hello tali! =D I adore talking to you because your such a nice and sweet person to talk to as you can always help and be so supportive of me! =D Also, your sets are really cute and totally express your grunge style! =D So may you be happy grunge queen! ;D
@allye-c - Hey Allye! c: Your sets are just super cute and super amazing, especially your outfits! =D Your style is so good! c: Also, you are 100% such a sweet person who I can have a joke with I generally love talking to you! c: We are literally like virtural bffs! =D
@fashionablykiki - hey kiki! ;D you are literally one of my closest poly-friends that i know of! c: your style is killer as it's way more divese than mine and really chic! =D also, your photography is so amazing and you have one of the most sweetest and kindest personalities that I know of, please be you! c: ilysm! =D
@ceharkins06 - hey! cx you're sets are amazing and they are all so unique and super cute! ;D also, you're so sweet and nice to talk to as well as having quite a lot in common which is amazing! c; we totally need to some collab and it's amazing! c:

Wrote one year ago
♡ - Representing all the women, salute, salute! - ♡
@mrs-frannystyles @justinstuchas @laurapanda @originxl-ity @rock-n-roll-princess-xo @fiireproof @kittykat-horan

Wrote one year ago
♬ - Cherry lips, crystal skies, I can show you incredible things - ♬
@beatriz-rib @paulapotter1d @eclipsed-moon @zdenka @happyasgomez @smolllie @sydney-ok @namelessxkate @el-c-o-r-o-n-e-l @shay-1d @naenae16 @prettylittlepugs #natjulieta @blankspaceswifty @sarahchaton @sombol @rainbowzj @mkilpatrick-1 @anaramos-2001 @joy-divsion @afflictixns @disney-clipper @officialvan @luaanasx @adlvdiney

Wrote one year ago
☁ - Head in the clouds got no weight on my shoulders, I should be wiser and realize that I've got! - ☁
@vanessadxy @vanessa1313 @gracijelaj @amerlinakasumovic @soks @multi-fandom-fangirl @thewardenismyhomeboy @heyitsrumbixo @layali-smiles @jjnellie @evana29 @kristina-payne @ireland-skye-loves-youu @fawn-gif @sss99 @sophies-closet @chocolates-and-chanel @bubblenachoz @primacdonaldsgurl @bear-zombie @saltymuffin

Wrote one year ago
♔ - We were dancing, dancing, like we'll made a starlight, starlight - ♔
@sarahstyles560 @tomboy2eva @edy321 @sharonloves @conch-lady @jelena-si @pokadoll @jessybae @jade-koonz @brdfrdzen @fangirl-1d @millejoergensen @emmaslove @zimpye @zippy-zappy-zoe @greatmisery @salvatorebrothersgirl @agussheeran @cupcakesandpandas @erinberry63 @vanilaicecream @valeria-silva @crazybandgeek @niightdreamer


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