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MONDAY: Need some new clothes for winter? Well, today's your chance as you're all going to go shopping after classes at strip mall down the street from Queenswood. Make sure you have a receipt for your purchases, because Queenswood doesn't like those who steal. 

Shopping would surely take my mind off my school worries. I threw on my Topshop shorts and my cheap Zara platforms. It was definitely time to get a new wardrobe. I met Lucca and Portia in the corridors and then we hit the shops.

I immediately gravitated to the purses the minute we stepped into the first store. You can never have too many purses. I began trying on a few of them, playing around and making weird faces in one of the mirrors.

Kristin smirked at me as she walked by. "Ew, what are you doing with that purse? You really /do/ have terrible taste."

I rolled my eyes and waited for her to leave. When she was out of sight (but not out of mind), I quickly put the bag back on the shelf. 

I searched the boutique for Portia, where was that crazy brunette? I found her flirting it up with one of the cashiers; typical Portia. Even though I thought it was funny, I was secretly a tad jealous of her. She was so comfortable around guys! I wondered if I'd ever even come close to being that way.

I reminded myself of what Bree had told me, to be positive. It was easier said than done, actually.

I tried to distract myself from thinking negatively by wandering back to the purse corner. I searched the shelves for that one bag I was close to buying. To my surprise, it was gone! I walked up to the registers and asked one of the girls (naturally I was too shy to ask a guy) where the purse went.

"Oh, that purse! It was a limited edition!" she smiled broadly. "A girl actually just came and bought it! I'm not sure if another one like it will be here until next year, maybe. Sorry."

My face fell. Who could have taken that purse? I had just been holding it a few minutes ago! 

The lady tried to look cheerful. "Would you like me to show some other purses? We've got a great selection."

"No, sorry, thank you." I mumbled and found Georgina standing by a case of jewelry. She was trying on a pearl necklace. 

She looked irritated and annoyed to see me. "Kat, what do you want?"

"Um, have you seen Kristin anywhere?"

Her face lightened up a bit. "Oh, she just left. She said she was feeling a little sick, so she just bought something and left." she went back to the jewelry.

Ugh! That girl!

Whatever, I told myself. She's my roommate, at least if I can't /have/ the purse, I can still /stare/ at it. 

When I got home, I realized that I wasn't that concerned about the purse. Sure, it was cute and all, but what I really was mad about was losing. Everyone here at Queenswood is so competitive, everything is a game and everyone wants to win. 

I felt even worse. I wondered if I could ever get out of this horrible mood.


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