JAR OF HEARTS|| Christina Perri

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kaitlyn dereuter, 17
kait doesn't know what she wants. all her life things were handed to her and now she's starting to resent that. boys, grades, even friends. whatever she wants, she gets. with her effortless beauty, it's no wonder some of her friends secretly hate her. kait knows her looks are what people define her by. the tall, leggy blonde. but there's more to her than that. she's very adventurous and she'd rather spend two weeks hiking through a desert than spend them tanning on st. barts. kait puts up with her friends, but only because she has to. only because she doesn't want to be on the outside. but hey, maybe this will be the year kait finds out what it is she really wants.
model: Marloes Horst
taken by: hopefully @rockets-and-rainbows

Top 5

1. Kaitlyn 
2. Sarah
3. Blythe
4. Khloe 
5. Paige


"We can just go to Barney's if you want," Sarah said, sipping a decaf coffee from Starbucks. We were all hanging out at one of our favorite hangouts after a busy day at school in need of detox. The crisp, fresh salads and creamy yogurt parfaits that usually smelled amazing and delicious to me smelled terrible and artificial to my nose. I cringed in my seat 
and quickly sipped my low fat latte to forget my worries. 

"What about Bendels?" Spencer suggested. I shrugged, I didn't really want to go shopping. I'm pretty sure Spencer didn't like me anyway, she was always judging me and staring, silently observing. I was pretty sure, for that matter, that a lot of the girls didn't really like me. They all pulled a Spencer and stared and judged. Sometimes it was like I was like a rare bug under a microscope. 

"I don't really feel that good. I think I'm going to go home," i said.

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