Who the fcuk is Bambi Colorado?

"Just trust me on the sunscreen, alright? You can stand around here pissing your pants, or you can take a leap of fucking faith and come and get it where it feels good, and save the world to boot. How'd you like that, cowboy?
Name: Bambi Colorado
Collection: Soon, soon.
Age: 19 [July 4th]
Quote that describes your character: “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.”
Hometown: The unnamed deserts of California
Currently City: San Diego, CA
Job/School: Undercover agent of badassery.
Style: Outback trailer trash, gunslinger tramp.
Bio: Though she can’t for the life of her remember anything which happened before she turned 10, she can tell you that running away from that shithole she had to call home at sixteen was the best choice she ever made. When Bambi Colorado lived in that ramshackle lean-two, the only structure for miles of dust and dirt and prickly plants, she lived with her abusive ‘uncle’ and four spoiled cousins of varying horror, and a hard-knock kind of Cinderella life doing most the dirty work. It was in this hell she learned how to play and fight dirty too, and picked up her quick, weird wit. Armed with that, her tamed pet iguana, and enough supplies to live on, she stole her uncles pick up and headed west, towards civilization. Not having had an education, and not knowing who her real parents are, Bambi very nearly became a prostitute when she reached L.A.; luckily for her, someone else found her first. Thus she was picked up by [organization acronym to be determined.], a private and secret organizations of agents who operate and run much of the capalistic American society as we know it. Bambi wasn’t sure what she had to do with all of it, but she took the deal no questions asked. It’s been three years now, and she’s traveled the country under different names and different job titles [which has included: ostrich wrangler, drug dealer, heiress, professional surfer, race car driver, beach side restaurant waitress, and barista.], to do the jobs she’s assigned. She does it well, is paid handsomely and being such a strange eccentric brimming with more testosterone than the average female, has made a name for herself among the underground. But this foul mouthed, back waters girl with no real identity has another thing coming--one that just might lead her to the truth about her past, and a global conspiracy on mankind.
Model: Ashley Smith
Cowboy-Kid Rock
Never Gonna Stop [The Red Red Kroovy] -Rob Zombie

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