Who is behind Michelle Obama’s style
  • Private Portrait Shoot Paris Flowers Madmen Inspiration
    I met the divine Catherine at my Picture This Workshop and Get Published workshops (god love her) in Sydney this year. I adored her from the start, she
  • The Great Gatsby (Penguin Hardback Classics): Amazon.co.uk: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tony Tanner: Books
    The Great Gatsby (Penguin Hardback Classics): Amazon.co.uk: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tony Tanner: Books
  • Thierry Despont: Planets Luxe Edition design by Assouline
    Combining geometrical purity and gestural grandeur, Thierry W. Despont combines architectural skills and painter's virtuosity in this spectacular collection of majestic, daunting and singularly attracting orbs, turning his struggle with corrosive materials and richly textured pigments into a spiritual achievement. A compound of restless collage and swirling pigments, each orb is animated by a life of its own: colorful magma breaking through the scorched surface of the canvas, white streaks flickering against the encroaching and abysmal darkness of a stark black background that seems about to engulf it. Mysterious and luminous, intimate and remote, they conjure up the awe of man in front of a cosmic world he both reveres and dreads. Beyond the eruptive, cataclysmic forces animating them, the orbs are inwardly radiant, animated by a life that seems to emerge from their depths. First published Nov. 23,2008. De Luxe version. Printed on art quality cotton paper. Hardcover /jacket. 120Pages. 13 x 16 1/2in. 100Illustrations. ISBN : 9782759403837 Born and raised in France, Mr. Despont is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts and holds a Masters Degree in Urban Design and City Planning from Harvard University. "Architecte DPLG," Mr. Despont is a knight of the French Legion of Honor and a knight of the Arts and Letters. Based in New York City, he is co-author of Restoring the Statue of Liberty (McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1986), Houses, a collection of his residential projects, and Le Bateau Ivre, a folio of his drawings illustrating Arthur Rimbaud's poem, "Le Bateau Ivre." Mr. Despont is also the author of Masks, Studio. and Planets. published by Assouline.
  • Monkey Business Press Sycamore Cards Boxed Set
    Set of two, includes Orange and Chartreuse. Includes 8 cards and 8 envelopes per color. Made with hand-mixed soy-based ink and 100% tree-free cotton paper. Card Stock: 110 pounds/330 gsm. Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.8 inches/9 x 12 centimeters.
  • Rizzoli Christian Louboutin by Christian Louboutin hardcover book
    Renowned and adored by the fashion world for his exquisitely crafted shoes and dizzyingly high stilettos, Christian Louboutin is in a league of his own. Delving into the designer's imagination, this beautiful tome - created to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary - contains over 300 pages of stunning photography, inspiration, biographic detail and even some pop-up art. Featuring a fold-out cover and with exclusive insight into his personal archives, this is a real collector's item that will look fabulous on your coffee table or as a gift.
  • Michelle Obama
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    I am obsessed with collecting pretty images. Want more? visit my other blog...
  • 6837 Very Rare Antique Leather Bound Books
    Rare late 19th Century leather bound books in long runs and sets. Mixed colors and sizes in various languages. Great decorative value. Fill up your bookcase library or study with these elegant pieces. Can be sold in sets or separately at $35 each.
  • MOTM : Lauren Conrad - DIY + Style Book
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  • Field Notes Memo Books
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  • Louis Vuitton, The Birth Of Modern Luxury - English Version
    This richly illustrated volume explores Louis Vuitton's extraordinary 150-year history of tradition, innovation and craftsmanship against a backdrop of sweeping social, cultural and industrial change. - Written by Paul-Gérard Pasols, a longtime consultant to Louis Vuitton, with full access to the company's archives - 540 pages - 660 archive photographs and illustrations - English version published by Abrams - French version published by Editions de La Martinière - Published in October 2005
  • Dusty's House of Sparkles - Page 1 of 160
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  • VOGUE past. present. future.
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  • London, Hotels & More
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  • Opinion Is pirating books ever OK?
    by Amanda Nelson If you haven’t paid for a book and it isn’t available in the public domain, downloading it without paying is wrong. You’re stealing. I stumbled upon a blog post this morning that gave me pause (pauses). The author had recently purchased an e-reader and was pirating digital [...]
  • What do your judgments say about you? What a week in Borneo taught me.
    When we judge others we are saying a lot more about ourselves than we are about them. Of course we need to be discerning and make judgments in order to be effective, but we can all benefit from being more mindful about what insecurities, unmet needs and fears may also be driving judgment. We should reflect on what our judgments saying about us and our need to judge. How are your judgements limiting your ability to connect, engage and build bridges rather than barriers? We human beings are far more alike than we are different. I learnt that during my days in the West Bank. I learnt that living in Papua New Guinea. I learnt that living in America’s Bible Belt. And I was reminded of that again last week in Borneo. Sure, notice what makes you different to others. Notice what makes others different to you. But also notice the threads that link you – the insecurities, the dreams, the love of family, the anxieties, the things that you care about most deeply and the things that which makes you laugh most loudly. When we focus on the common ground, when we focus on our shared humanity, that’s when we can communicate, connect and create profound change both in our experience of life, and in the collective experience of humanity here on earth.
  • Surreal Self-Portraits by 22-Year-Old Artist Noell S. Oszvald who Began Photographing and Editing a Year Ago
    I was astounded to learn that 22-year-old Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald who lives and works in Budapest picked up a camera only a year ago. The gifted artist has shared only two dozen or so images with the world via Flickr but they already show an accomplished grasp of compos
  • Marilyn Monroe’s Diaries Published
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  • Books Worth Reading
    Mara, Daughter of the Nile: I first read this book in the late 1950's and most recently read it in early 2012. I have read it at least fifty times in between those two dates.
  • Art, Photography and Illustrations
    Im a country girl @ heart and a true hopeless romantic who is a very visual person as you can see from my boards, I luv books, cats, vampires, fairies, girlie stuff, time period stuff & more. Rachel Dean A.K.A. Queen Rachie is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • A Lab Milano's S/S 2012 | Trendland: Fashion Blog & Trend Magazine
    A lab Milano's Alessandro Niasi and Simona Costa's new S/S 2012 collection is all about encompassing the wild world of the Amazon.
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    bring a book to the beach!
  • tube femme Page 9
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    tube femme - Page 9 и другие вещи, аксессуары и тренды.
  • Megan Fox in Jalouse Magazine “I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl”
    Megan Fox is featured in an interesting spread in the April issue of Jalouse Magazine, where she makes a few comments on her insecurities and looks: On posing for magazine covers and ads: "I hate taking pictures, I never watch them, otherwise I would have wanted to change everything. I prefer not to see any and trust the photographer, who knows his job." On the importance of her looks: "I live well with my image, I cannot complain, I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl." ... says 25 year-old Megan. Many more when you turn the page!
  • Herbs of Colonial Williamsburg and Early America
    History,Topics related to,Peace Process,American Civil War,Politics -- East Asia,Politics -- Conservative,Politics & Women - Public Office,South Asian Politics,Military Spouses,Political Economy,General Military,Modern British History,American Headlines,Texas Culture and Politics,World War II,Genealogy,Comparative Law,European Politics,Vietnam,Women in the Military,World Royal History,The Old West,Military Family,Leicestershire, Past and Present,Life in Canada,Canadian History & Culture,Fourth World/Indigenous Peoples,Native American History,Native American History,Asian History,British Social History,Careers In History,Politics-Middle East,Archaeology,Irish Politics,Political Theory Review,Internet Law,France and the French,Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,Childhoods of Famous People,Weird News,New Zealand History,Presidents & First Ladies,Women's History,Libertarian,Human Rights Law and Issues,Jewish-American History,Political Satire,Geostrategic Issues,American Revolution & Founding Era,Ireland's Mythical History,Cherokee Nation,Ancient Greece,Colonial America,Ancient Rome,American Indians,Early Frontier History,International News,Irish Genealogy,British Politics,Politics and Minorities,American Civil War,The Cold War,Alternative History,Pirates and Privateers,Crimean War,Shropshire Past and Present,This can't be my life!,Ancient British History,Turkey,Republican/Conservative Women,Politics,Southern Africa,Canadian Politics,Grassroots Advocacy,Colonial Legacies,Politics in Russia,The Old Republic,Tudor England,US History 1929-1945,Australian History and Culture,German Interest,Marriage in the Military,Native American Genealogy,The Welsh Princes of Gwynned,Renaissance,Wales History,Russian History,Constitutional Law,Biographies,Family Historians,African-American History,Criminal Law,Analysis of Current Events,Freedom,Domestic Relations Law,The Third Reich,Mississippi,Food Safety,Russian History and Culture,Young Conservative's Take,Reproductive Rights,Tort Law and Litigation,African History,America Circa '60s,South American Native People,Law-Related Education,Mexican Political History,Third Party Politics,History of Mexico,Women in the 19th Century,Autograph Collecting,Green Party,Medieval Lifestyle,Political Science,International Trade and Politics,State Politics,American Reconstruction and The Gilded Age,Congress Watch,Georgia's Heart and Soul,Comparative Politics,Tax Laws in India,Italian Renaissance,Through Native American Eyes,Polish/Baltic History,North American Genealogy,Spanish Politics,Alaska,News Online,Vermont,Law and Politics,Canadian Genealogy on the Internet,U.S. Techno-Politics,Curious World of the Law,Modern World History,Globalization and Third World Development,All of Your Rights and You,International Human Rights Respect,Calendar of Life,History of the Bizarre and Mysterious,The Constitution & The Supreme Court,Arkansas,Espionage,Southern Plantations,A View Outside the Beltway,Filipino Websites,International Relations,political news about india,Military Aviation,India Probe,Modern Western Political Theory and Philosophy,Canada's Military,US Navy,Current Affairs,Mental Illness and Law,World Affairs,Genealogy Research and Source Guide,The Alternative News,Planet China,Oddities in the News,Citizenship,Great American Plains,European News File,Kansas History,International Politics,Albanian World,United States Labor History,Left-wing Politics,Fundamentalist Follies,Conservatively Speaking,Stories from America,The Kurds in Turkey,Societal Paradoxy,Politics and Culture,The Crusades,Biographies of Activists,Italian Genealogy,Inspirational Biographies,International Affairs and Comments,Liechtenstein,Ancient Greece,France in revolution and empire,Romanian Thinkers and Psychics,Modern Scottish History,Politics ,The American Civil War (1861-1865),Freedom of Expression,Canada's Aboriginal Peoples,Rhyme Time,Current Events - The Pacific Islands,Native Americans and the Fur Trade,The History of the Netherlands,Ancient Egypt,Colonial America,Inspirational Biographies,Russia: History and Politics,South Carolina,Ancien
  • Paravent Metamorphosis of Woman By Leonor Fini
    Leonor Fini (Argentina 1907-1996 Paris) Four of eight serigraphs by world famous Surrealist painter, author, costume and set designer and graphic artist, Leonor Fini, shown here attached to a screen. These panels are available framed in ornate brushed gold, carved frames and may be viewed in New York at this time. The edition originally consisted of 135 sets, however, a number of pieces were damaged in a flood in a German museum, and only 120 sets survived. Each of the four pieces measures 60X18 inches - 66 X 24 inches, framed. One of the silkscreens comprising the set is signed. Number 50/120/ Printed in Germany by Dietz Offizin, the Paravent is perhaps Fini's most famous graphic work and is documented in numerous books on the artist. Leonor Fini was born and lived in Argentina as a young child until she was taken by her mother to Trieste, Italy. This “kidnapping” to flee her tyrannical Neapolitan father situated the child, often disguised as a boy, in the heart of a bohemian lifestyle. Self taught, Fini painted portraits and at age seventeen, moved to Paris. Her beauty is legendary with poems written about her and love letters to her by the preeminent poets and artists of the day. Fini, always fiercely independent, painted from her dreams and became associated with Andre Breton, Dali, Ernst, but never formally joined the Surrealist Movement. She was inspired by the Pre-raphaelites as well as by Klimt, Munch and Beardsley. She lived surrounded by pieces of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and at one point, surrounded by as many as twenty-two cats. Her residence remained in Paris, although she summered either in Corsica, where she took over a monastery or in St. Dye Sur Loire, in a home built with left over materials from the various chateaus of the region. Her first one-person exhibition took place at the Galerie Barbaroux in Milan in 1929 followed by a second exhibition in Paris, at the Galerie Bonjean in 1932. By 1936 she had caught the attention of Julian Levy who showed her work as well as Alfred H. Barr, who included three of her pieces in the ground breaking Dada and Surrealism Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1936. She spent the summer of 1939 in St. Martin d’ Ardeche with her friends, among them – Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington as well as Salvador Dali. Although Fini is best known for her paintings of goddesses, felines and imaginary creatures – particularly the sphinx, involved in ritualistic worship, she was also a fine book illustrator, costume and scenery designer, decorative arts designer (having designed the perfume bottle for Elsa Schiaparelli’s “Shocking” in the shape of a female’s torso with flowers at the neck, providing the original illustration used on the Chateau Mouton Rothschild Reserve wine vintage of 1956 and costumes, décor and furniture for the Paris Opera and Ballet). Bibliography Alvarez, Jose. Le Livre de Leonor Fini – Peintures, Dessins, Ecrits, Notes de Leonor Fini. Paris: Editions Mermoud – Clairefontaine / Vilo, 1979. Brion, Marcel. Leonor Fini et Son Oeuvre. Paris: J.j Pauvert, 1955. Chadwick, Whitney. Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement. Boston: Little Brown, 1985. Chadwick, Whitney. Women, Art and Society. London. Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1994. Dedieu, Jean-claude. Leonor Fini. Paris: Frederic Birr, 1978. Guibbert, Jean-paul. Leonor Fini – Oeuvre Graphique. Lausanne: La Guilde du Livre et Clairefontaine, 1968. Guibbert, Jean-Paul. Leonor Fini. Lausanne: La Guilde du Livre et Clairefontaine, 1971. Jelinski, Constantin. Leonor Fini. Lausanne: La Guilde du Livre et Clairefontaine, 1968. Jelinski, Constantin. Leonor Fini Peinture. Lausanne: La Guilde du Livre et Clairefontaine, 1972. Waldberg, Patrick. Le Surrealisme. Paris: Skira, 1963.