Name: Sophia White
Age: 19
Based on: Snow White
Believer or non-believer: Believer
Likes: being optimistic, red roses, long dresses, red lipstick, dark hair color, oxfords, perfume, animals of all kinds, being in the garden, taking long walks, winter time, big sweaters, her 3 cats, the color red and pale skin.

Dislikes: liars, crying, sleeping late, rude people, when people are mad at her, not looking her best, the color black or gray and hectic places.

Occupation: Florist

Personality: Sophia is the type of girl that is loved by everyone. Her warm heart welcomes all and you will never see her in a sour mood. She loves being around people and animals. She surrounds herself with love and even if you talk bad about her, she will forgive you in heartbeat. Soph has always been this way, learning from her mother that you will never get anywhere in life with a bad attitude about things. She’s extremely optimistic and looks at the glass half full at all times. Sophia is the friend you would die to have and it’s always good to know she genuinely accepts you for you.

Bio: Sophia lived a dream life, she had everything and even if she didn’t, she would still make the best out of what she has. She grew up in the perfect family; mother, father, sister, brother, and herself. They were one big happy family. Accept when her sister Silver started getting into drugs and completely going down the wrong path. Sophia helped her through it because it’s just in her nature to help the ones who need it the most, in this case it was her sister. Sophia now works at a local florist and it’s the best job she could ever ask for. Although, she is missing just one thing. A boyfriend. But not just a boyfriend, a guy that could sweep her off of her feet, not only on the first date but every day. Besides her perfect life and searching for her ‘prince charming,’ Sophia does have a few secrets, those that nobody knows but herself. Even some she doesn’t know yet…
Relationship status: Single, but looking
Model: Crystal Reed
Taken by: over-my-dead-body


 When I get up this morning, I think to myself, getting ready in the morning is something I take pride in every waking day. Carefully applying deep red lipstick, stroking my lashes one by one in charcoal colored mascara, patting ivory foundation to my cheeks and picking out the most gorgeous attire to wear. I do it because I want to, not because I have to. I absolutely adore the feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful face staring back at me. Now, I think I’m beautiful and so do my friends but why can’t a person of the opposite gender feel the same? I long for a guy to tell me everything I want to hear. I’m lonely here in my house. Yes, I do have a few friends but nothing spectacular... Ack, what am I saying! I should be grateful for the things I have, right? I don’t know, see this is why I need a prince charming to reassure me, calm my thoughts, make me feel wanted…I don’t know what to do.. 

I arrive at the florist and greet the woman watering the daisy’s out front. I seriously love my job; I could never live without it. It’s everything I love. Everyone there is so happy and genuinely glad to be there. I’m glad I get to share that with everyone and plus I meet new people every day, beautiful people at that.
I’m working the cash register today, might I add this is one of my favorite parts. Costumers are in and out. A middle aged woman looking for flowers for her daughter’s teacher, a boyfriend of a lucky girl in his twenties looking for a dozen roses, and a party planner who is 2 hours late coming to pick up her flower arrangements. But then I spot a costumer by the door. But not just any customer, oh no. He was about 6’2”, chocolate curls well-kept upon his head, relaxed clothing, lightly tanned skin and deep brown eyes I could go on about for days.

“Hi, are you looking for anything in particular today?,” I say with the brightest smile I’ve got.
Thank you lord, he smiles right back. His teeth glisten. 

“Hmm, well I actually was thinking about getting a bouquet of different flowers. I’m not sure what kind to get though. I think I need your help!,” He says with a chuckle. He is exactly what I have been looking for. Come on Soph, pull yourself together. Ask him out, that is if he’s single.. 

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the event?” I ask hoping it has nothing to do with a girl.

“I am getting them for my mom. She’s in the hospital actually. I think a visit with some of these fresh flowers will brighten her mood a little bit.” 

A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. He’s mine. I have claimed him. He is so perfect. I want him. Now.

I pick out some beautiful flowers, the best ones in the house. Wrapping them in pink and white tissue paper I think in my head off all of the possible things I could say to him. I approach the cash register thinking, this is it! Ask him for a date!

“Your total is $24:99.” I breathe heavily, why am I freaking out?
He reaches in his wallet and grapy the money. I do the transaction and before I can even ask him hes beat me to it. My heart skips a beat.

“Hey, this is kind of spur of the moment but I was wondering If you would like to go out sometime?” I can see the nervousness in his eyes.

“Tomorrow night at 8.” I say with a wink and a smile. I am so happy, words cannot describe.

I close up the shop and rush home to do absolutely nothing but sit there and be happy. I’m ecstatic and nothing can ruin this moment. I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep, dreaming of our date and how magical it will be. I cant wait.

Top three:

(Snow White-Crystal Reed)
1.Wicked witch of the west-Raina Hein(I dont have a problem with doing this one)
2.Rapunzel-Blake Lively
3.Jasmine-Jessica Szohr
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