- workaholics

SO I'M GONNA MAKE THIS PRP BASED ON THE BEST SHOW EVER, WORKAHOLICS. three female friends in the place of blake, anders, and adam! SO THAT'S WHY I NEED TWO OTHER GIRLS

i've decided i'm gonna be blake so


if you watch the show and are interested, let me know!

if you don't, but still might be interested, also let me know!


also known as; AUNT BLAZER, BLAZER
likes; smoking weed, her drug dealer, eating, teenage mutant ninja turtles, wizards, beer pong, edward 40-hands, partying (obviously), collecting condoms, dragons, jillian.
dislikes; working, fire, when things go wrong, not a lot.
Blake is a bit nutty, to say the least. She's the girl at the party who makes a massive cheese and cracker sandwich called the Eliminator. You know, that girl. Her strange personality makes her interesting, but also misunderstood, which is frustrating because Blake just wants to be herself. She's the kookiest of her three best friends and is known for her weird antics, her dependency on medical marijuana, and her love for her long, outgrown hair. While many doubt her because of her zany and eccentric personality, sometimes she just might be the most sensible. While at work, she may not always follow dress code, she may not always sell the most stuff, but she always manages to have the most fun, whether that be setting up hilarious signs on the inside of their cubicle or a Nerf basketball net over the trash can. After coming from a broken home, Blake is fully prepared to tell you who her real family is - her roommates. Maybe she's the one who has the most growing up to do, between the habitual marijuana smoking, the drunken party nights, or even her silly antics in order to get men. But what makes Blake a good friend is that she’s willing to take risks and try new things and she’ll trick you into joining her for a night you’ll never forget… because of the tattoo… and the scar… and the Croatian wife you now have.
model; lady gaga
taken by; @sophiaspastic
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