She is a bit of a mystery to me...I don't know her as much as I would like to but what I do know is that she is a private person who has a big heart and feels things deeply....she is a Pisces after all!
Her works of art are so varied and eclectic that I couldn't even begin to capture her essence, so I just did her set trying to depict the beauty of the woman I believe her to be.
A generous and kind person, with a great sense of humour...well-loved by many here and an asset to Polyvore. I am honoured that she has cared enough to leave wonderful comments, messages and sets for me and I consider her a friend.
Please check out her sets and be drawn in by the variety of her creations:

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Wrote 7 years ago
And you two have the same birthday!

Wrote 7 years ago
Su Zany....knows how I feel about her. I did a Birthday Set for her..and my words about her *ring true* in Polyvoreland. She is one of the best!! Judie

Wrote 7 years ago
Awesome set for her!! She is a gem!!!

Wrote 7 years ago
How very gentle and very sweet and very beautiful. You are so kind and caring! Sister Pisces, I would love to swim in this bouquet of beauty. Everything you wrote, everything, is exactly you. And I am completely blown away by the sentiment you made. Tears are welling to thine eyes, I am a Pisces after all... Merci, cher couer Carol



Fascinating Womanhood

Fascinating Womanhood

I happen to think women that lived in those 'good ol' days' were always devastatingly beautiful. When they made their 'toilet' and swept those long tresses up, their beau had better look out! Even in the fifties, women still dressed 'smartly.' Hats, gloves, heels, pencil and swing skirts...
This group was born to celebrate beautiful femininity! Her hair, her clothes, her face... but it has to be a set that truly epitomizes a real lady. It can be just clothing or a photo you recreated into something more artistic. But please either keep it vintage/victorian if it's clothing or unique if it's a modern image... meaning fancy hats, clothing or hair. Those are the two rules we must follow to make this group different from others.
Dresses, unique do's... all define womanhood. Of course, men can be a part of the set, too. After all, man is what truly appreciates a woman being a woman.



Hi, girls! Your own sets are your trade mark, so put here clothes, art, or furniture. Welcome and have fun.. tanya777 and Dassybella♥

Qu!rKy & CUTe!

Qu!rKy & CUTe!

plenty of contests! This is a group for polyvorians who like all things quirky and cute...
I don't care if you are bookworm, a party girl, a disco queen or a comic book nerd. Infact the qualities that make us different are the qualaties that are valued most in this group. So if you are into Vintage ness, folky or indy music, lolita fashion, different eras (aka pin up girl, 18th century (marie antoinette) or the 70's,80's ( cyndi lauper)) 90's Also inspired by art, dolls and lingere. You can post sets of ATC's (artist trading cards), contribution sets(shrines of ur fav singer, actress, actor etc) , fashion sets and art sets. PLEASE JOIN!
This group is a nice group who does not delete sets or members (unless the content is unappropriate) and in that case we would let you know first.
Unappropriate content includes:
-sets that have gruesome pictures that encourages self-harm, violence etc (aka no pictures involving things such as humans with stab wounds, slashed wrists bleeding noses and in some occasions even drawings of this would not be allowed. some cartoons may be allowed if they appear to be humerous and not gruesome by the moderator of this group.
-threats to the moderator or other polyvorians

Romantic Gypsy

Romantic Gypsy

This is a very special group for those romantic gypsies who wish to share their love of old, romantic, beauty.....vintage & antique clothing, architecture..... accessories, cats, roses, Paris and beautiful women, princesses and fairies....let your imagination go wild. And don't be afraid to do dark sets....even Gothic stuff can be romantic!
For the purpose of this group, a Romantic Gypsy is a multi-faceted, compassionate, loving modern woman of substance who dares to be true to herself. She loves deeply, whether it be her man, her children, her pets...or her friends. She loves fashion and dresses in her own unique style...not necessarily like the "gypsy" women of folklore...think more Stevie Nicks or Sarah Jessica Parker...each an individual, precious jewel.
There WILL be contests...not a ton of them but enough to keep things interesting.

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