So yesterday i came home, well more as in 1am, from the beach. It was a pretty cool, fun, somewhat- relaxing, wild two days! I must say i have gotten the second worst sunburn in my life. To all red heads, and those born with fare skin, or have freckles, do not tan, or burn very easily even though you apply numerous coats of sunscreen, you are not alone. But who needs to be Sunkissed? I learned how to surf, which is one of the neatest feelings when you are gliding forward pressing down on your knees and standing up to balance through the water. I really wish that i could go back and more perfect my newly founded hobby. Though, i do not think that the hobby of surfing would do well with my features. Oh well. I saw a very very small shark who's fin rose slightly out of the water across from where we were (me and my new friend Connor think that it was a very small baby, which is very odd to see, or another type of fish with a white-blue fin, which i am not even sure). We saw it when we were hanging off of the surfboard in the water, it was one of the scariest and most terrifying feeling i have ever felt. Haha, i am so glad nothing happened! I also got stung by jellyfish numerous times, but i barely felt it at all. It has been a wild couple of days! 
Hope that everyone's weekend has been less terrifying than mine! Hehe :)
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