Hai everyone. I've just been watching YouTube videos for the past hour and alternately texting my friends. Pfft, nah, I don't have a phone addiction. Whaaa?? No way. Hehe. Anyway I watched the we can't stop video for like the thousandth time. It's just so funny! Hehe and I watched the who owns my heart video too (where the title lyric is from) cuz I love that song and video and I think it's so cool. I also watched CapnDesDes, cuz he's awesome and I love his hair. No negativity about Destery is allowed here cuz he's amazing and perfect. Hehe. What did you say?? No I don't have a YouTube crush! Heh? No. You've got it all wrong. Totally. Just like, no. 

Lets see. We swam in the pool today and then went creeking (which, if you didn't know, means we walked in a creek to wherever it led us). We played odds are, a sorta confusing game that I'm not even gonna try to explain. Hehe. Comment if you know what it is. Erm what else?? Ooh have any of you (hopefully overage) guys ever played never have I ever? It's usually a drinking game but you can play it without alcohol too of course. It's just not as fun. Or so I've heard. Lol. 
Comment your favorite drinking/non drinking games!! And if you want to add the rules cuz I'm looking for new cool games to play with friends. Obvi a variation for drinking games would be like caffeine or grape juice or something. Hehe

And I think that's all. Oh! Except remember the guy I mentioned in my last set? I feel like he might like me. When I was going through pics on my phone with my baby sister today at the pool he was sitting near us and he kept looking over at me. Or maybe he was looking at my sis. Idk. Hmm

And now that's all! Hope you all have a superlicious day! I gotta get ready for dinner now. See ya betch!

Xox, allie❤ #thatchickallie

// Miley Cyrus -- Who Owns My Heart //

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Wrote three years ago
yeah.....it's probably for the best lol :p

Wrote three years ago
@live4music55555 haha that game is so cool! But yeah since we're underage...it's good you didn't use alcohol hehe

Wrote three years ago
heehee awesome ;) ;) <-- double wink wink :p and yeah i have played never have I ever with coke :) not alcohol!

Wrote three years ago
@live4music55555 mm maybee... *wink wink* hehe

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