I let out a cough, covering my mouth as I walked into the main bathroom we all used to get ready in, sure we had our own but getting ready together is something we all enjoyed. The smell of cigarettes filled the air in a thick smoke, leaving my eyes watering. "Trying to kill someone?" I asked coughing again as I ignored the blond to open the window. "Just myself." She winked raising the pink cigarette back to her lips, pink, how fitting. She looked like we all did, except her skin was a starling white instead of the tan we all sported. "Anaiah." She smiled walking over to the sink to put out her cigarette in the ash tray. "August." I smiled back. 

"Trying to kill us again Anaiah?" Anya asked walking in hair thrown into a ragged bun. "Rough night?" I asked smirking before turning to the mirror to admire my rested looking face. "Some of us don't get the luxury of doing nothing." Anya rolled her eyes. "Jealous barbie?" I asked smiling. Anya smiled at me, "I love my job. " 

"Or someone who visits you...." Anaiah trailed off. "Shut up!" Anya said quickly. I rolled my eyes at their bickering. "Someones getting attached!" Anaiah said in a sing song voice. "Someone is addicted." Anya combated holding up her pack of cigarettes. "Give them back!" Anaiah screeched.

With a quick movement I snatched them from Anya's hand. Anaish stilled, "Thanks August." she smiled. I smiled back taking two steps backwards. "Your welcome." I said letting them go, dropping from my hand and landing with a splash, in the toilet. "Bitchess." She grumbled. "Get over it." Anya shook her head. 

"Whatever, I have more where that came from." Anaiah smiled. 


Barefoot, heels in hand I made my way to the kitchen. I was still getting used to the idea of this being my new home so on occasion I still felt intrusive living here however that feeling was passing slowly. The kitchen was as grand as you would expect it to be all dark wood and stainless steel. I walked around the island fingers trailed over the slick marble. "What do I want..." I wondered aloud, shrugging I snatched an apple off the platter.

Footsteps made me look up as Tristan entered. "great." I mumbled under my breath. Turning around I tried to walk out of the kitchen quickly but obviously not quick enough. "Well isn't it the Barbie who doesn't know her place." He sneered. I considered walking away after all that would be the smart thing to do, but I am blond. "Well isn't it the mister that can't get a girl because of his lack of social skills." I smiled sarcastically. 

His expression darkened, "I can get anyone I want." he said crossing his arms. "Denial is the first step in acceptance." I informed him biting into my apple. Letting out a humorless chuckle he stepped forward, "Such big words for a blond." he told me only inches away. "You disgust me." I spat. "No, you find me charming." he sneered. "As charming as death." I said pushing him away, trying not to look at his eyes, he was too good looking. 

"I could get you fired." He told me crossing his arms. "But you still couldn't get a life. " I smiled trying not to show the worry I felt. I was playing a game I couldn't win. 

"My father owns your life." 

It was then I knew who I was dealing with.
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Wrote 6 years ago
So elegant and pretty!

Wrote 6 years ago
Yes, please do! I've got work at Nordstroms during the day Tuesday to Friday, and of course work at the club and the mansion on nights, so i'm free saturday to monday :)

| Aubrey |

Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks :) I might just take you up on that offer!
xo August

Wrote 6 years ago
[LOVE the set!! So flawless!]

Eh, you'll get to know the place pretty well sooner or later. And as for Tristan, well, he's just lost -emotionally. So just ignore him. You can come and have a drink with me in my room anytime you please if you need to get away :)

| Aubrey |



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