★ thursday, 24th
you're on a roll! monsieur sakozy has invited every one of you to a fundraiser at city hall in order to collect money for a cleaner seine. careful, don't get too much of that champagne since you're gonna be up dancing early tomorrow. 


I looked in the mirror as I tried to zip up the back. 

I zipped it up, slipping my foot into one sandal, then the other. I looked in the full length mirror- perfection. 

I went into the bathroom, taking out some mascara, and quickly applying it to my eyelashes. I spread some Nars lip gloss across my plump lips. 

I looked great. Even I had to admit it. And hopefully Luke would too.
I glanced at the champagne flutes that waiter's carried on passing trays. Oh, if only I could have some, just the tiniest bit. 

"Darling!" Monsiuer Sakozy came up beside me, "You've been doing excellent! Take some champagne!" He shoved a shiny champagne flute into my hand. 

I forced a smile onto my face, "Thanks," I said and he scurried off towards some more girls. 

I rolled my eyes, setting my champagne flute onto a random table, "You don't drink?" 

I jumped, startled by Lennon's voice. I turned towards her, putting a hand to my racing heart, "Geez, you scared me," I said and fixed a perfect brown wave. "And I just don't want to get drunk.. I don't perform well with a hangover," I smiled a bit. 

She rolled her eyes playfully, "Ooh, and I saw you with Luke!" She smiled. "He is a /hottie/!" She smiled more and I couldn't help but blush. 

"I know right!" I tapped my Burberry platform sandals against the floors out of excitement. 

"Anything happen?" She asked raising her eyebrows suggestively. 

I blushed a deep crimson, "We um.. w-we kissed." I giggled lightly. 

"Ooh! How was it?" She asked and we began walking around. 

City Hall's building was really gorgeous. And even though I was here, I couldn't believe it. It was just surreal to me. 

"Firework-y," I explained and giggled at my made-up word. 

"Firework-y?' She asked with a small laugh. 

"Yes.. it was amazing," I said twirling a lock of hair around and around my finger. "Best kiss ever." 

"Hm.. well I don't mean to burst your bubble, but Arizona likes him too." 

I shrugged, "Well, we kissed. That means he's mine, right? And besides, he said I'm a gorgeous dancer, and my accent's cute. He totally likes me." I smiled gleefully. 

"Hm.. maybe Luke will change his mind," She shrugged. 

The thought sunk into my head, and I thought about it. Maybe Lennon was right. What if Luke did end up changing his mind? What if he did choose Arizona? What would I do? 

"Let's hope not," I said quietly.


"Hey," I said as I approached Luke and kissed both his cheeks. 

"Hello gorgeous," He smiled at me and sparks flew instantly. 

"So um.." I blushed fidgeting while trying to think of what to say. 

"About the kiss.." He faltered and I looked up into his eyes. 

"About the kiss... what.. exactly was that?" I got the courage to ask. 

"What do you mean? It wasn't bad or pathetic, right?" He asked worriedly. 

I giggled, "No, it was perfect.. really." I smiled. "What I mean it.. do you like me?" I bit my lip, hard, really hard. 

"Uh, kinda." He smiled, it was a small smile, but it was something. He blushed which caused me to giggle more. 

"Good," I said as I leaned in, pressing my lips directly to his. 

I pulled out, "Because I like you too,"
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