elizabeth 'effy' krum
parents: katie bell and viktor krum
year; sixth
house; gryffindor 
wand; dragon heartstring, eleven inches, pine, very flexible
pet {optional} ; cat (tigger) and back home they bred some tawny owls, her mother promised to use her favorite, Cheeky, to deliver her mail.
personality; Effy is quiet and shy, usually spending her free periods reading and writing underneath a great oak tree near the lake. Sometimes she'll climb the tree itself just to be isolated. She'll also ride her broom in the Quidditch pitch, but she would never EVER try out for Quidditch. Everyone would be watching her. She is very shy and usually looks like a deer in headlights when someone speaks to her, although she is brilliant in her studies. 
blood type; pure
a mini biography; Effy grew up on a broom, her mother being a brilliant Chaser back in her Hogwarts days and of course, Quidditch god, Viktor Krum. They taught her how to fly a broom not too long after she started to walk. She loves to feel the wind in her hair and the mini-heart attack as she swoops down. But back on the ground she's quiet and shy Effy. She's never been kissed and she's never had a boyfriend, like she'd have the courage to do that. Sometimes she wondered why she was in Gryffindor.
short story; {2-3 paragraphs}
model: alexis bledel
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