Callie Lauren Carmichael {sixteen}
Likes- Animals, All attention on her, Lemonade, proving others wrong, girly things, parties, having things her way, shopping, modeling, fall, being the best, viva la juicy perfume, boys, and boots
Dislikes- seafood, being wrong, clutter, disorganization, complete quietness, stupidity, not having control, rude people, rap, uncommitted relationships and getting dirty 
Bio- Callie seems like she has it all put together, always bringing home amazing grades, sweet as can be, and of course she’s beautiful. One little secret will haunt her forever though. At the age of 12 she was fed up with being in her sisters shadows and never getting attention from either of her parents so she attempted suicide. Luckily her best friend, Luke, found her before she succeeded and promised to keep it a secret so long as she never did it again. Four years later she now had daddy wrapped around her perfectly manicured fingers and has a modeling contract, something none of her sisters have. Callie has always secretly looked up to Camille because of her hard life and the fact that she’s had to support herself though most of it; though, she won’t openly admit it because she doesn’t like to pick favorites. Most would say she’s the most outgoing of the Carmichaels, thanks to her bubbly personality and the fact that you’re just drawn to her. She always dresses impeccably, and wouldn’t go out of the house without her viva la juicy perfume. The occasional though of suicide run threw her head, but will she be able to drive those thoughts away this time?
Top 3 Models: 
Barbara Palvin 
Cara Delevingne
Julie Ordon

{Age 12} 

I held the knife steady inches away from my heart, I could hear the rain pitter patter on the window and silently egged me on “do it, do it.” I wonder what they would all say when they found my limp body in a pool of blood. “Oh, how sad.” I mimicked my mother’s overly high pitched voice and a single tear slid down my cheek. ‘They would just have a small funeral for me then get on with their lives. Forgetting that I even existed,’ I thought to myself, not able to speak now as more and more tears spilled out. The knife shook in my hand and as I almost plunged it deep in my heart, someone knocked me to the ground, causing the knife to slide across the floor. “What are you doing?!” Luke asked his breath hot against my ear. I sat up and as I opened my mouth to speak, it was like someone punched me and all the out left my body. I forgot I had invited him over and as he held me tight I realized I was glad I had.

{Present day}

“What about this?” Luke asked, holding up a floral gown. I cringed and shuffled through the rack I was currently in front of. “The goal is to make me look nice.” I said, holding a black strapless up to my body. “What about this?” I asked, examining myself in the mirror. “It’s pretty.” He replied looking me up and down. “I’d rather kill myself than go to this party. You know who’s going to be there.” I said rolling my eyes. I looked at him when he didn’t answer and was taken back by the way he was looking at me. Those eyes, hard as stone and his lips into a thin line, then I realized what I had said. “Luke, you know I didn’t mean it.” I said, walking over to him. He didn’t say anything as he continued staring at me. “I’m sorry.” I said weakly, trying to force a smile. He just grabbed the dress and placed it onto the counter alone with his credit card. “I didn’t even try it on and I have a credit card of my own.” I said, following him. “It’s going to look great and I already told you I would by it.” His monotone voice wasn’t recognizable and I knew I had messed up. We sat in silence as he drove me back home and he didn’t say anything as I got out of the car. 

{Two hours later.} 

“You look stunning.” My father said, as I descended down the staircase, ready for the gala, my sisters already downstairs impatiently waiting. I always took the longest to get ready. “I know.” I replied, smiling. 

As we arrived, reporters attacked us, lights flashing everywhere. “Right this way.” The usher said, holding the door open. “Is that Callie?” her voice sent chills down my back. “Vanessa, how good to see you.” I said, turning around and forcing a smile onto my face. She gave me an air kiss and gave me a glance over. “Nice dress.” She said, stepping back. “You too.” I said, realizing we had the same dress on, though the top of hers was hidden beneath a grotesque sequined jacket. “Well I must be going.” I said, leaving before her reply. 

Arriving home, I trudged up the wooden staircase and collapsed onto my bed; sighing as my silky down comforter rubbed against my face. ‘Oh how my life is good’ I thought before climbing under the covers and drifting off to a deep slumber filled with beaches and hot boys.
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