The A Team
Porter Woods
whoever she is // the maine

name: Porter Woods
age: 20
background: Porter just likes to have fun and go with the flow. A little bit of a lost soul, she tends to go along with just about anything her friends tell her to. When her best friend Maelle asked her to go some meeting with her, she quickly got swept up in the business of murder...
status: the one who accidentally got mixed up in this 
bio: There isn’t much to know about Porter. She’s not a crazy b.itch and she doesn’t have some sort of troubled past, unless you count her mom’s drug problems. Porter just likes to have fun and feel free. She likes shopping, going to the beach and smoking weed. She’s generally a nice girl and easy to get to know. People like to be around her because she’s drama free and only looking for a good time. Of course she’s not always all smiles. Everyone has their issues. Maybe Parker has a few too many but she tries not to think about them and unless you know her well you’d never think there could be even an ounce of unhappiness in her and she likes it that way.
relationship: dating Asher
Model: Kristin Cavallari
taken by: @art-fashion-me

top three:
Porter Woods
Chelsea Summers
Salome Urvoy

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