One thing's for sure, you don't have to worry.
Whoever She Is// The Maine

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1. Name:
Laura, but I go by my last name mostly...WHICH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! MUHAHAH
2. Something that not many people know you about you:
I am a sick, sick person.
3. What you're eating/drinking right now:
Candy and water...stop judging me.
4. Favourite piece of jewellery or clothing:
My chambray top. It literally goes with everything and I feel boss in it.
5. Your current desktop background:
John Krasinski. 
I want to do terrible things to him.
6. Your favourite poster on your wall:
Nene Thomas tapestry.
7. Your favourite thing that you own:
My computer. It always knows how to cheer me up and allows me to do my assignments.
8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD:
CD: Of Monsters and Men: My Head is an Animal
DVD: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
9. The last person you talked to:
My roommates.
10. What do you think is your best facial feature:
My eyes. They are turquoise or green.
11. Are you loud or quiet when you're mad/upset:
Explosive then quiet.
12. Who's the last person you hugged?
My parents when they dropped me off at college and were leaving to go back home.
13. Favourite movie:
Avengers. (WHAT?! I didn't change it on you! You are hallucinating...)
14. Three things you'd like to say to someone that you've been hiding:
Why haven't you proposed to me yet?
I fucking hate your guts, your existence is a burden.
Harder Daryl.
15. Who is the last person you kissed:
My boyfriend...a month ago...ugh
16. Did you think of a certain person when asked #15?
Yes. I was thinking of him.
17. You can have one of the following two things, Love or Trust:
Trust. You can build many great things with it.
18. When was the last time you told someone honestly how you felt, regardless of how difficult it was?:
When I told my boyfriend how much I loved him.
19. Name the five main things you look for in a guy:

I tag whoever the fuckk wants to do this.
No one ever reads my notes anyways.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@shoegal thank you!
I enjoyed making it and I really like the style. You're sweet :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Omg lol thanks for reading XD
I wish I was married to him. Sadface

Wrote 4 years ago
amazing set! :)

Wrote 4 years ago
psh. I read your notes! john krasinski, oh that man...gorgeous!


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