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Name: Park Ga In
Age: 21
Bio: Ga In is a young girl with big dreams. She wants to become next Park Chan Wook or Kim Ki Duk - great director.

But she's a girl. Rather shy one. And girls don't make movies.

Ga In knows that working in TV station can be first step to making her dream true.

But instead of being director of TV shows, or rather assistant of director, at at least being script writer, she got different job. As comedian.

Apparently her clumsiness and tendency to speak before thinking makes people laugh.

With Jun Juri she's part of new variety show, where both of them visits idols dorm...to scary them with their fangirlism. Thanks to that Ga In is called Fangirl number one, and her public image is focused on acting cute, screaming 'oppa' and unexpectedly hugging idols.

No one treats her seriously - who should treat that cute hamster seriously? For sure she doesn't think much.

Well, her imagine is just an imagine. 
Real Ga In is easily hurt by hateful comments. Real GaIn doesn't wear vivid, tasteless clothes.

Real Ga In is a charming girl who works hard in order to accomplish her dreams. And her head is always full of new ideas, and new dreams:D

Model: Lizzy [After School]

Boy: G-Dragon

Short story!

GaIn's POV

I checked my arm one more time, before covering it with bracelet. "JunYoung -leader" I repeated.
It was hard to remember all their names; and my job was to pretend to be their fan number one!

"Action!" Our director always shouted it in English when we started shooting.

I jumped and squeaked when Juri opened door to ZE:A's dorm. We exchanged looks and stormed inside, like mentally ill fangirls. But it was our job to act like that. 
Waking up members, hugging them, confessing them love, trying to steal their properties - I don't know why viewers like the most when I was stealing their underwear. Perverted viewers.

And being clumsy as much as I could.

Well, it's not surprise people must think I'm crazy.

"Stop!" Director shouted. It was time for me to go to members and apologize them. Return underwear. Say some joke to make atmosphere more cheerful. That part wasn't scripted.

When camera was switched off, I was me. And me wasn't ZE:A's fan; rather girl embarrassed by my previous actions.

Juri had told me it's like that. Off screen idols liked her, knowing her nice personality; in front of camera they were scared. And we call it show business.

I took few selcas with Kwanghee and Juri unnie; that boy is such a cameraw*hore ^^

G-Dragon's POV

"Oppa, you need a girl? I can be your girl!" Familiar voice shouted. I laughed seeing how Taeyang's face turned red. 
I laughed even more seeing the girl who shouted that, dancing with Bingu T.O.P some crazy dance moves.
"Hyung, it's old. Let's watch newest episode!" Seungri said.
"I'm not watching with you!" I said closing down my laptop.
"You like looking at Taeynag being embarrassed or Bingu dancing like old grandpa?" Seungri asked.
I wasn't bothering myself to answer.
I was watching that old episode of Fangirl Number One not because it was the one featuring Big Bang.
It was because it was time when I met GaIn.

It was already three months since then. At first I had thought she's crazy. Cute, but crazy. And dangerous.
But next time I met here was during shooting CF for Gmarket. She was directors assistant. I had a chance to know her real self and since then we have become friends.

Friends. Just friends.

Then why always when we meet my heart beats faster?

Why I'm constantly watching videos with he?

Is it friendship or something else?

Not the best story, but I'll write proper one later:D

GD and GaIn know each other and are friends, both feels something more to each other but are too scared to confess their feelings.

 *I'm really not pleased with the story; so maybe I'll rewrite it later!*

Can anyone make me collection or send me a link to good site with Lizzy's photos? ^__^
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