Soohyun & Eli contest:

Hhahaha the title has a little story behind... not an interesting one but I think it worths telling you about it because it shows how different taste is depending from the cultural background you come from and the way you've been grown up... I've lived my life accepting Asian people quite well and respecting them mostly because my dad likes Asian stuff and I find their culture richer than mine, anyways. my classmates and i were waiting for out turn for the exam and I was with this annoying girl you know.. that Venezuelan one, a peruvian friend and my two indonesian friends so I had u-kiss pictures from bran new kiss on the moodboard for my collection and since my moodboard is *i'm not presuming* amazing everybody was gathering around to see it, of course this Venezuelan girl *like she always do* called u-kiss those 'Chinese guys' contemptuously of course....since this girl has been getting on my nerves lately I was about to start to yell at her and told her to be respectful, because the way she refers to people (it's not the first time she talks like that and I'm not talking just about Korean idols but also asian people in our school) was not nice at all 'That's rude and disrespectful' I told her in Spanish, but suddenly everybody started to ask me questions about the collection and I forgot about it, then again everybody was concentrated on my mood board and this Greek gay guy of my class told me that he found how to say it? nice the fact they can wear in that kind of colors without being judged, my Peruvian friend told 'those two are decent (pointing at Dongho and AJ) but this one? (Kiseop) his expression is disgusting!' hahaha you know if a guy in Latin America does this kind of expression it could be considered as lack of manliness, so I understand why my friend found Kiseop's expression so annoying, but for me (not only because I like k.pop but in general because I respect people lol) it's kind of normal.... but you know for both of my Indonesian friends, it was totally normal, one of them was like pointing excitedly at Eli and Kiseop and asking me their names 'Who'S THIS GUY? AND THIS ONE? 'This one is so handsome and sexy' she said referring to Eli 'And this one is handsome and cute! (Kiseop) what are their names, how old are they? (yeah she started to google them lol) i just realized that I get along better with people who knows how to respect other's taste, it's not like if I was trying to make them k-pop obsessed but some people keep criticizing my music even though I don't even talk about it with them (like this Venezuelan girl with whom I'm not even friends) goshhhh some people really exasperates me... -_-' 
anywayssss yesterday I attended to Colette's carnaval for their 15 years, it was fun, there were a lot of activities and stands and food and stuff and I really enjoyed it with my friends, I wish I had more time to enjoy like that but tomorrow I have to go back to reality and work T_T whatever, I just hope in the future it'll have a reward---- 
How your weekend has been girls?
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