☀ Lexie Welsch
Lex is cool with a capital C. She's the epitome of a Californian beauty with her tan, mile-long legs, sunny smile, and laser white teeth. Of course everyone can't be perfect. The new girl from Hawaii, Lexie arrived at Silver Hills High this year. Of course, the girls instantly sized her up and though she doesn't know all of the group just yet, she's already made quite a few enemies. She's too quiet for anyone to judge her true colors, but they'll show eventually. Thank God for those boys though, they've managed to keep Lexie included in the elite's circle and try to shield her from the girls' obvious jealousy. But does she have what it takes to stay in the circle? 
suggested model: behati prinsloo
sport: varsity volleyball, varsity tennis
relationship status: Chase and Aaron have both taken a special liking to her

Top Three
1. Lexie
2. Kyle
3. Autumn

How Often Are You On?
I just returned from a mini-hiatus, so I am planning to be on a lot. Usually I will be online every day but not make any sets or write stories. I really like the sound of this roleplay and Lexie’s character, so I’ll probably make sets for her at least three times a week.


The heat of the volleyball game was at its ultimate climax. The students from Silver Hills were up in the stands cheering for their home team. The score was 24-23, and we were up by one point, and one point away from winning the game. Suspense filled the air as the opposing team served the ball. 

Bump from Mackenzie, set from Raina…I got ready as the ball flew over to me, and when it was at the right height, I spiked it down to the other side of the court as hard as I could. I watched as three girls in red and gold volleyball uniforms dove down to intercept it, but they were too slow. 25-23; that was the game.

“Ew, feather earrings? Cute outfit Lexie, but feathers were out, like, two years ago. You should have seen Silver Hills back then. Everyone had feather extensions and jewelry, it was like a bird zoo.” Sutton was telling me. We were in the locker room, and I was changing from the volleyball game.

I laughed politely. “That sounds…interesting?”

“Well that’s an understatement. But whatever. Bottom line is, take your earrings off.” She snapped. Over the weeks I discovered Sutton was especially bossy, always getting whatever she wanted, whenever. All of her other friends were like that too, but in a pile of gems there’s always one that’s the shiniest.

Unfortunately for me I always liked to talk back to those types. I’m just not as pushy about it.

“I like them though. Plus, no earrings with my outfit totally throws it off,” I shrugged.

Sutton raised an eyebrow, as if saying, ‘did that new girl really say that?’. “Okay sweetie I was being nice earlier. Your outfit is already off. Earrings won’t make a difference. Plus, I’m sure Liv will lend you a pair of hers,” she turned to the shorter blonde standing next to her. I had almost forgotten Olivia was there.

“Yeah, definitely. I have the cutest pearl earrings that will go with your outfit. You can borrow them.” she spoke up.

I started to thank her, but Sutton cut in. “Me and Liv are going to be late to class, okay Lexie? We’ll see you later.” She readjusted her Chanel handbag on her shoulder and walked away, heels clicking, Olivia following shortly behind. I sighed and walked out the other entrance. When I entered the hallway, Jacob Verano was leaning against the wall, one foot against it.

The only reason I had bothered to remember his name was because he was annoying as crap, and I had to know if he was in the same room with me so I could ditch as soon as possible. He was an A-class pervert. According to Jade though, in elementary and middle school he wasn’t that bad. When high school came around he turned into some horny jerk and hit on anything in a skirt. 

“Lexie, I saw you at the game today. Nice getting that winning point. You looked hot in those volleyball shorts. But I bet you would look hotter with them off,” he wiggled his eyebrows in suggestion. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away with my free hand.

“Jacob, I bet the only girl you’ve ever been in a bed with is your mother.”

“Feisty! That’s the way I like ‘em.”

“Jacob, go away before I report you for harassment.”

“Aw, you’d never do that. You’re too scared. You don’t have the guts, Welsch.”

Somehow I remained calm. In my other school I was known for having a bad temper. I wasn’t going to be known as Hothead Redhead again. “Goodbye, Jacob,” I pushed past him and picked up my pace. The hallways were cleared. We were late to class.

“Look at that! You can’t stop saying my name! Soon enough you’ll be screaming it.”

I turned a corner and went straight into my class, took a seat, and ignored the teacher’s request for my late pass (which I didn’t even have). I was just glad to have that boy out of my sight.

Mia, who sat in front of me, turned around and gave me a quizzical look. She twisted her sparkly blue gel pen in her glossy locks, and I could tell she was already thinking of a number of ways why little miss new girl would be late and disrespecting a teacher. 

Oh well.
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