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4. A Song that you liked when you were a kid.
Hey Mickey by B*Witched (yes the Bring it On version, got a problem with it?) 

Anyways, I LOVED THIS MOVIE when I was younger, my dad would randomly turn on the television and somehow I found it, decided to watch and the song at the end was always my favorite. I think I wanted to be a cheerleader after watching "Bring it On" but then again I was a preschooler and watching Bring It On was a PG-13 movie. So, there's your reason behind it!

The crowd was loud, the gym was crowded and they were playing basketball. Why would I be in a situation like this? It was full of loud, retarded jock fans and sissy cheerleaders who in real life were probably the worst people in the world. Yeah, I was being stereotypical here but then again, who wouldn't?

"Look, it's Jay!" shouted one of the girls, nudging my shoulder. I looked up to see the star basketball player, Park Jaebeom and slam went the ball as he dunked it into the basket. "He's so cool~" one of them exclaimed. I groaned, taking out my notebook. All he did was dunk a stupid ball, there wasn't amazing about it. "Let's go Jay, let's go!" some shouted. 

I wish I was at a basketball practice than being at a basketball game, but nope. I got assigned clean up the big basketball game today. Great. 

"Let's go Minho, let's go!" I shouted randomly during the second quarter of the game, the fangirls around me glared, but I brushed it off like I always do. Minho turned and looked up at me with a smile on his face, yes this dongsaeng knew how to cheer her oppa on.

At almost the end of time of the game the cheerleaders came out. Sunny, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung came out with their annoying poms poms and super peppy smiles. At first I thought they were going to stand there like idiots, but when "Hey Mickey" came on I was deeply upset. There went my chance of ridiculing the girls. 

Seohyun tripped over things, Tiffany forgot her starting place, Yoona got hit by Jessica's hair, Jessica fell over the place, overall it was a mess. I rolled my eyes before one of their pom poms was aimed at my face.

Crap. Crap. Crap. I groaned, at this school when someone gets a pom pom thrown at them, you get to embarrass yourself and freestyle to the song. So, I get to freestyle to the cheerleaders' theme song, Hey Mickey. Some of the girls were pointing fingers at me as I ran down from the bleachers. I was given a pair of pom poms and I kind of stood there for a moment staring at the pom-poms with a blank look, blanker than Jessica's in Algebra 2. 

I threw the pom-poms on the ground and freestyled. Popped, locked, stankylegged whatever I could think of I did. Which was funny because any breaking or hip hop dances I knew wouldn't work in the place like this. I heard a roar, yes a roar of applause after I finished and when I was returning to my seat I could have sworn I saw Jaebeom look at me with a smile on his face. 

Not that I cared. Of course I didn't cared. I sat down on the bleachers before taking out my notebook and a pencil to start writing something. And at some point during this time Jay left the court to go somewhere. At that same time I was putting away my notebook and leaving as well. I just needed some time away from this loud place. 

Which is how I saw Mr. Jay take out a cigarette like thing from his backpack, not a cigarette but something like it because you don't eat your cigarette, do you? He was biting on it and that crossed out the cigarette thing. That's when I noticed the packet he was getting his thing out of. 

A Hello Kitty packet. Like, what the heck? What kind of jock likes Hello Kitty?! "Hey," he suddenly said facing me. Crap, he probably thought I was stalking him or something or think I'm some crazy fangirl, this couldn't be good. "You're the girl from before," he said. I finally figured out what he was eating, not a cigarette but a strawberry flavored Pocky stick. "You want one?" he asked being considerate and polite.

"It's fine," I said before unconsciously putting a lock of hair behind my ear, what was I doing?! "I didn't think a big jock like you would like Pocky," I stated, taking out actual cigarettes from my bag. I took out a lighter and before I could let the cigarette touch my lips, he stubbed it. "Yah!" I shouted in anger. He stared at me oddly, before scratching the back of his head. 

"I don't want a pretty girl like you to hurt yourself," he said awkwardly. I rolled my eyes, me pretty? He was on something, big jock man was on drugs. Yeah, he was on drugs. 

"I'm Jaebeom." 

"I'm Choi Chung Ae," I said knowing he'd raise his eyes because he'd figure out I'm Minho's little sister. Instead he smiled at me with a special eye smile I haven't seen before. 

"You're Choi Minho's little dongsaeng, aren't you?" he asked. I nodded my head before I heard a harmonious laugh from his mouth. "He talks about you a lot. He mentions that you're nothing like him," he said staring at my outfit and my awful backpack. A lot of people couldn't believe I was his sister, he was probably the same, wasn't he? "I see the similarities," he said getting closer to me. "Big alien eyes, check. Athletic abilities, check. Incredibly thick hair," he said before touching my hair. "Check." How did he know I was good at sports? 

I took a step back from his grasp and said, "Sorry, I should probably get going..." I awkwardly left the scene before hearing his last words. 

"See you later!"

And found him ONCE AGAIN after the big basketball game. He was the guy who was supposed to help me? The teacher said there would be three other kids what happened? Minho Oppa where were you?! 

"Dongsaeng, there you are!" Minho shouted before putting me in a headlock right in front of Jay. I was about shout uncle before I got out of his headlock, changing the plans of him hurting me. "Hey, let me tease you sometimes too!" He exclaimed happily. I laughed, watching Mr. Jay pass me a giant broom. 

"Hey Chois, get to work," he said in a leader-like way. Minho just shook his head, I looked at the giant broom with curiosity in my eyes. 

"Hey, anyone up for some floor hockey?" I asked with a smile apparent in my eyes. Minho looked up as well, except instead he had flames, Kwon Yuri looked up as well, a curious smile appearing. Except we could only play if Leadah Jay let them, so the puppy dog eyes were bounded on him. 

"Yeah, sure," he said with a smile on his face. "I want Minho's dongsaeng on my team though!" he exclaimed. I stared at him with wide eyes, then turned to Minho with a look that said, 'I'm going to lose.' 

"You can have her, she's not that good anyways," he said sticking his tongue at me. I glared at him, he was going to have his kicked by me. 

"Let's kick my brother's butt," I said with determination. He gave a hwaiting sign and I headed over ready to fight. Let the fun begin, in a flash Minho had the dust, then I had the dust, then Yuri pushed me away to get more dust. I was about to take it back before Jay took control sweeping it into the dustpan. He turned to me with another smile on his face, I gave him a hwaiting sign before making the next goal. Ha, Minho could go cry after I finished whooping his butt. 

"We win!" I shouted in excitement after we finished cleaning up the court. I found myself hugging Jay really hard and I became all embarrassed after that. "What's our prize?" I asked at the Flaming FAILING Minho, he smiled. 

"Jay, you won. You know what you more like who you get," Minho said. This was suspicious, I turned to Jaebeom to see what was up. He shyly looked away from me. 

"Oppa, what did you bet on?" I asked curiously, wondering what was going on. "Ask Mickey over there," he said pointing to Jay. Urgh, this was not going to get me anywhere! Jaebeom took my hand, not letting me ask anything about where we were going. 

"Why did Oppa call you Mickey?" I asked as we were leaving.

"Because, he thinks that song is my OST," he said, secretly taking my hand in return. I blinked, what was going on? I let go of his hand, knowing this wasn't going to get anywhere good. He took it again this time tighter so I wouldn't be able to leave. 

"Chung Ae-ssi..." he started. I looked at him and started getting more confused. "Can we be friends?" he asked seriously. 

"Eh?!" I asked/shouted. This was just confusing. "Sure," I said regaining my composure, he kissed me on the forehead before letting go of my hand. "Thank you," he said. I nodded my head confusingly, but I found myself holding onto his hand until we were near Minho's car. As I entered Minho's car, I heard him sing this:

"Don't break my heart Mickey..." 

I was kind of upset after that.
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