December 15th;
Clover Harper;

[This came out nothing like i planned. Well at least it didn't take me two weeks this time.]

"I'm so happy you're here." I smiled at Blake while we made sure to bundle up on the layers of clothing, "I was almost afraid you weren't going to be able to make it." I added while pulling my jumper on over my tank top. 

She had gotten here early in the morning and her idea of waking me up was jumping on my bed while screaming 'happy birthday' wasn't exactly what i had in mind, i was just excited she was here.

"Please Clover, i've never missed your birthdays." She stated matter of factly, "Even when we decided to go to different colleges." She added in her best 'duh' tone of voice. 

"How is life in the big scary city?" I asked while looking around my room for my gloves, "Do you still refuse to use the subway?" 

I always thought you could find some of the most interesting people in the City on the subway. 

"I don't refuse to use the subway." Blake stated, "I just don't find it interesting like you do." She added while pulling on her boots, "Tell me again why we're going sledding? Do you want us all to freeze to death?" 

"I haven't gone sledding in forever." I stated matter of factly with a roll of my eyes, "And it's fun." I added. 

"You know what else is fun? You telling me all about this Everett that i hear all the other girls teasing you about." She grinned with a raised eyebrow. 

"I told you about him on Thanksgiving." I said simply. I didn't really feel like talking about Everett, it was bad enough that Ava had invited him today, "He's just a friend." 

Blake rolled her eyes, "If i remember correctly you said you had a crush on him." 

"I did." I said with a shrug, "But i got over it." I lied. I didn't feel like telling her about the whole ice skating thing just yet or ever, "You know how i get little crushes then i'm over them." 

"Right." Blake said not sounding convinced at all. 

"Are you ready to go?" I asked wanting to change the topic quickly, "I mean just because i am the birthday princess doesn't mean i can keep everyone waiting." I teased. 

"No no, we wouldn't want that." Blake laughed, "After you Princess Clover." 


"How many people do you think can fit on your sled?" Grace questioned innocently, but if i knew her as well i thought i did i knew her question was anything but innocent. 

"Probably three." I answered with a raised eyebrow, "Why?" 

Grace and Blake smiled at each other before Blake chimed in, "So then you and Everett will be more than comfortable." 

"What are you talking about?" I asked looking at two smiling faces in front of me. I had no idea what they were planning, but i didn't like the sound of it. 

"You'll see." Grace sing-songed before calling Everett away from his conversation with Scott, "Hey bunny." Grace greeted Everett, who looked confused about the nickname or why he was called over i couldn't tell. 

"I thought i looked like a kitten?" He questioned confused, "At least that's what Aria calls me."

Well at least now i knew he was confused about being called a bunny. 

"You can be both." Grace shrugged, "Now bunny, Clover here needs a sledding partner and myself or Blake can't do it right now because we need to talk to the other girls about something," 

"I'll be the birthday girl's partner." Everett smiled cutting Grace off, "You ready to go?" He asked turning towards me with a smile on his face. 

"In a minute." I smiled, "I just need to talk to Blake and Grace." I added motioning for the two girls to follow me. I was going to find out what the hell these two were doing right now.

"We'll have her back to you in a minute bunny boy." I heard Grace say before walking over to me with Blake following, "Why are the two of you doing this?" I asked folding my arms against my chest. 

"Doing what?" Blake asked acting clueless, "We simply want everyone to get a turn to go sledding with the birthday girl." She shrugged, "Yeah nothing wrong with that." Grace added. 

I rolled my eyes, "You two should never be allowed to hang out." 

"We're keep that in mind." Grace said dryly, "Now go over to your bunny boy and have some fun." She added with a wink. 

"You're ridiculous." I stated before walking back over to Everett, "You ready to go sledding partner?" I smiled while taking note of how much fun everyone else seem to be having. 

"Yeah." He smiled sitting down on the back of the sled, "You don't mind having the front do you?" He asked quickly as if i was going to flip out on him. 

"No." I laughed sitting down slowly, forgetting how close you had to be when it was two people on a sled, "It's okay that i wrapped my arms around you, right?" Everett asked, "It's so you don't fall off." He added. 

"Yeah." I said nodding my head, "It's fine." 

"Will you two go already!" I heard someone yell, "You two are taking forever!" 

Everett laughed, "Alright let's do this." He said moving around to get the sled to start moving and quickly wrapping his arms around my waist once it took off the snow covered hill.

"Clover?" I heard Everett whisper into my ear while i stayed focused on the blurring of the trees passing by us, "I like you." He added his voice low in my ear. 

"Oh." I said. It was honestly the only thing my mind could come up with at the moment.
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