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tuesday november 6th;

After last week, I had really gotten to know Alex and he was really sweet. It was crazy how much time we spent together. On friday night we snuck in to this foreign film festival and then got kicked out for laughing to loudly. Saturday he invited me to a coffeehouse concert which was really fun because his best friend was singing there and he was really good.

Sunday he asked me to go to the mall with him and help him pick out a present for his mom, and his girlfriend...

This sucked, because I had really hoped he wasn't in a relationship. But I felt really happy for him cause it was their three year anniversary in two weeks and he needed a girls opinion on jewelry that he was considering. 

It was really funny though, because we were in the jewelry shop, and the man and woman behind the counter, who we later found out were married, looked at us funny. 

"Young love is really a wonderful thing." the wife said to us. We both looked up not realizing that we looked extremely like a young couple. 

I blushed crazily, but Alex quickly responded. "Oh we're not dating, just friends. We're trying to find my girlfriend something special for our anniversary." 

I was slightly offended, but not because of what he said, only how he said it. It was rushed like he didn't even have to think about it. 

I stuffed my hands in my pockets and continued looking around. I looked down at the glass containers and my eyes landed on a diamond necklace with a beautiful chain. 

I pointed to it and called Alex over. "Look at this one." I said. 

He didn't even take a second glance at it, nor the price. "I'll take this one." he said as the woman slipped into the glass cabinet and pulled it out. 

"Don't you wanna know the price?" I asked cautiously. 

"Don't worry about it." he said as he handed the woman a roll of cash. 

I looked at him curiously as we walked out of the jewelry store. He stared at the bag that held the necklace and smiled. Anyone could tell he really loved his girlfriend. 

I only wished that he could look at me that way...


thursday november 8th;

I still hadn't gotten over the fact that Alex had a girlfriend. Yet he never talked about her. We could talk for hours and he wouldn't even bring her name up. If I wasn't so crazy about him I would have totally forgotten about her. But she always remained in the back of my head, reminding me that I will never be good enough for Alex.

Tonight, however, Alex invited me to a super fancy restaurant for dinner. 

I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I really needed to take my mind off things and decided to go to yoga, which was being offered for the students this afternoon. I grabbed my mat and headed down to the room. 

I was walking down the stairs when I joined up with Aurelia and Alaska. "Hey girls. You going to yoga as well?" I asked, nudging at the yoga mats they were carrying. 

"You know it!" They said. 


After yoga, I was getting ready to go to dinner when Daisy stopped by, asking to borrow one of my books. 

"I love your outfit!" She said, staring at the slim black dress I was wearing.

"Thanks. How about these shoes?" I asked and showed her my kitten heel boots.

"Adorable! They go great together!" Daisy said before she left.

I was putting on my makeup when Alex passed by my room and walked in. 

"Hey" I stood up and smiled. 

"Hey, you look beautiful." He said and walked over. I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I couldn't. I couldn't do that to his girlfriend, whoever she was, no matter how much I hated her already. 

"Thanks," I blushed. I wanted to say more, but once again, I stopped myself.

"I'll see you tonight, okay?" He smiled.

"Yes, you will!" I said as he left.


I walked into the restaurant and Alex stood up and waved.

I followed him to the table and my heart sank. His girlfriend, Anna, was there, along with his best friend Riley. 

Riley was 'single', as he kept saying, and Alex thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to meet the closest people in his life. 

We sat there and ate dinner. I sat in front of Alex and next to Riley. He talked to me the whole time, and I tried to listen, but the corner of my eyes stayed focused solely on Alex. 

Anna kept flirting with him, touching his hair, stroking his back, leaning in closer, etc. but she was still so sweet. I hated the fact that I liked her so much.

I drank wine, maybe a bit too much, and we were all a little tipsy. not in a bad way though. Until Riley made a few too many passes at me.

"Riley stop, okay." Alex said when he saw I was getting quite a bit uncomfortable. 

He kept putting himself on me, until I stopped him. "I think I should go home." I said at 9:45. 

"Let me drive you home," Alex said. "Since we live so close together."

I nodded and he added, "Anna, you ready to go?" 

Once again, my eyes filled slightly with tears when I realized that another potential one-on-one moment would turn into a one-on-two.

Alex dropped me off at my dorm hall, and Anna added that she wanted to go pick something up in her room before she went off with Alex.

"Thanks for the ride." I said, but as I got out of the car, I tripped over and had trouble walking up the stairs.

"Let me help you." He got out of the car and held my arm as he took me to my room. I took out my key and he opened my door. 

"Are you going to be okay?" He asked. "I can stay with you." 

I wanted him to, but... "No it's fine. Anna's waiting for you." 

He smiled apologetically and I touched his hair. Quickly pulled away though because I knew it was wrong. 

"Sorry." I said then walked into my room. He stood on the other side of my door for a few minutes, but I waited for him to leave to start crying.

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