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"Brigitte Elle les bouteilles sont dans le réfrigérateur, elle a besoin d'être en bas par 8:00, et elle ne dormira pas sans son lapin, bien?"
She nodded her head as she digested everything I was telling her. I was nervous, we were leaving Ava home with a nanny for the first time and I was having separation anxiety. I left her with Miles before, but he needed to go with me on the cruise, so Ava was going to be without us tonight.
"Oui, mademoiselle James." She grabbed Ava out of her bassinet and cradled her. I wanted to be with her, not at some stupid cruise ship party, where Evangeline could try and rip me a new one.
I frowned and walked up to Brigitte and gave Ava a kiss, "I'm going to miss you angel."
I knew she couldn't fathom what was going to to happen until tonight when she tried to sleep and neither Miles or I were there.
"C'mon Harp, we've got to go,"
"Fine. Bye Ava. Au Revoir Brigitte, nous ne devrions pas être à la maison dernière."

"Can't we leave?" I grasped Miles' hand tightly.
"No, we cannot, you need to get back into work AND this is mandatory, so suck it up."
"You know I hate you sometimes."
"It's alright," He gave me a kiss on the cheek, "I love you too. Come one, don't be a debbie downer and dance with me."
He pulled me onto the dance floor and held me close, "She's staring isn't she? Evangeline?" I said into his ear.
"How'd you know?"
"I can feel her burning a hole into the back of my head."
"What? I'm serious. She's probably the devil or something."
"She's not that bad."
"Miles, stop defending her. I suck your d*ck, not her."
He groaned, "Fine, I'll drop it."
I held me closer to his body and whispered in his ear, "You know; if we can go home now, I'll make it worth your while."
He groaned as I ran my hand across his crotch, "Come on, baby, would you rather be here on some stupid cruise ship or at home f*cking the day lights out of me?"
He groaned louder, "God, you know what I want to do, but you're not winning. I know you can't have s*x for another two weeks."
I stomped my foot and groaned, "But Milesss. I'll give you a blowjob."
"You'll give me one later no matter what."
I gasped and swatted him.
"Oh come on and relax, you can do this. We've got like what, three hours here; you'll be fine."
"I hate you sometimes,"
"And you'll get over it."
"Fine, I need to go to the restroom."
I walked away and Evangeline sidestepped me, "Harper, may I speak to you for a minute?"
I sighed, knowing this wasn't going to go good, "Yes, you may Evangeline."
She swallowed, "So I heard you're wanting to go back to work?"
I nodded, "Yes I am, Miles and I think it'd be good if I got back to working."
"Okay. Glad to hear. It's just dear, you're still not... in shape."
"Even through that gorgeous dress of yours I can see love handles peaking out, you've got a bit of a double chin going on, your *ss is huge and your breasts, I mean, they're gigantic. With your face your high fashion, but with those things on your chest, you're more fit for triple x p*rn."
I took a deep breath, "Well I'm f*cking sorry I have to feed my child with my f*cking t*ts. It's been three weeks since I've given birth, no normal person has gotten back to this size THIS fast. So you better be f*cking glad that I'm even this close to my original weight instead of lounging around and doing whatever I want to, you c*nt."
I started to walk away, but she grabbed my arm, "How f*cking dare you speak to me that way? I should fire you this instant."
"Then why don't you? Oh, right, you'd bring attention to the fact that this industry is built upon the fact that woman can't look healthy to be beautiful. I am very blessed to have a thin body, but it's not like I starve myself or I put myself through vigourous exercise for the sake of BMM. I won't put my child in harm's way; if I'm not healthy, she's not healthy. You got that? I'm sorry for calling you a c*nt, but I just don't know how to deal with you; you're more frustrating than a child."

I walked away without another word and walked to Miles, "I'm leaving, if you want to come and I suggest you do if you ever want me to have s*x with you again." I walked out and he followed.
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