KiKwang's POV
"Why don't you love me?
Tell me baby why don't you love me?
When I make me so damn easy to love."J. was quietly singing. All day she was cleaning wardrobe and listening to music. 
"Hey, you've been acting really weird since the slumber party"I said form my bed, but she didn't answer, still singing ("I got beauty. I got class. I got style and I got ass.")
Then suddenly Junhyung came to our room.
"What are you doing, girl? Why are you packing your suitcase"? he asked.
"Um, she is just cleaning wardrobe!"
"And putting her clothes into suitcase? Girl, I'm talking to you. Why are you packing?Mrs Truffles kicked you out of the dorm?"
"No.And I have name, so don't call me 'girl'. I just realized that I can't live in one room with silly Kwang and scary oppa. B.inspired me."
She started walking outside the room but Junhyung grabbed her arm.
"And what are you going to do? Share room with Junho?"
"Junho is my past, understand? I can sleep on the floor in Yui's room! I just don't want to spent time with you two, you...you beasts!"
"Okay, so give me back my cardigan."
"No! You gave me it so I'm going to keep it". I was looking at them from my bed. I didn't know that they share clothes..or that they talk to each other. Junhyung never liked J., saying that she is useless and loud and now he was fighting with her over some cardigan.
Then B. appeared in the room.
"KiKwang, get your things and move in to Yoseob's room." I was a little scared of her so I started packing my things.
"Oh, yeah, that's right, you're the one who will move out!" said J. with smile. Oh, great.
J.'s POV
I was surprised that KiKwang actually move out of our room. Me and B. started doing girl's things. But boys...they were so loud! They "changed" Yoseob's room into some karaoke club! They' were singing (yeah, if someone can call this "singing") sad love songs. 
"ARE YOU CRAZY?WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!"Junhyung was yelling at them. I was curious what they done because they made so loud noise(maybe they destroy something?).
"What are they doing? Destroying some walls?" asked B.. We started laughing but then...Then we saw Yoseob's face in the hole in the middle of OUR wall! 
"YAH!"B. started yelling.
"Girls, what's wrong with your faces?" asked smiling KiKwang.(we were having some white cosmetics on our faces) Of course, he put his head in the hole.
"Be careful, your head may stuck there" I said (with sarcasm). Unfortunately, my word became true. (I'm some fairy or something?)
And you know what was the worst? That Mrs Truffles appeared when I was trying to help KiKwang.
"What it always have to be you?" she just asked. 
"We" (Mrs Truffles blamed all of us) destroyed wall( that silly llama, KiKwang made a hole in the wall,is he some superman or something?) and damaged Junhyung's bed (actually, KiKwang and Yoseob were jumping on that bed, and they damaged it). Mrs Truffles was so angry! We are living only thanks to director Kim Jae Hwa - he suggested that we will work for Mrs Truffles to pay for all damages. Right now we all have to stay in one room and share two -not destroyed - bunk beds...
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