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- Tusk // Fleetwood Mac

This one took less than 24 hours! yay! Anyone up for collabs? .x

Verity Jones; May 28

“One of these days you two are going to write a song that doesn’t require me to lay down 13 different backing vocal tracks.” I told Lola and Harmony with a goodnatured grumble as I let myself out of the recording booth and promptly collapsed on the couch.

“That was one time.” Harmony pointed out serenely from where to two of them were lying tangled together on the floor. One of Australia’s most successful acts my behind.

“One time to many.” I couldn’t even be bothered lifting my head so I could see them, “I don’t understand why you need so many backing vocals anyway. You’re a duet.”

“It’s to keep you in job.” Lola retorted cheekily. Which was a downright lie, I was constantly turning down offers to do backing work with people so I could work with these two and Hunter. Not that I minded, I hated diva’s, one hit wonders who thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

“I get paid for hours not the number of different tracks I do.” I pointed out incredibly reasonably, picking lazily at the loose thread on the couch.

“More tracks equals more hours.” Harmony had a point. It was still ridiculous.

“Between my income and Hunter’s I think we’ll manage.” I said dryly as I pulled myself into a seated position with much effort.

“Sometimes we forget the boyfriend is more successful than you.” Lola nodded knowingly. Well I think she was nodding though it was hard to tell with Harmony’s shoulder covering her head.

“Sometimes I forget how much work you two are.” I sighed, mentally preparing myself to get to my feet, “I also don’t understand the need for 10 backing vocal tracks when you take 2, maybe 3 vocalists with you on tour.”

“If you came with us we wouldn’t have that problem.” Lola suggested, like that made any sort of sense.

“I’m pretty amazing Lola but even I can’t sing 13 different Harmonies at once.” I pointed out, finally heaving myself to my feet. 

“That was one time.” Harmony cried out in outrage. Well actually I think it was mock outrage.

I didn’t respond to this perpetual argument, I had a lot of those in my life, instead I sighed “I’m going to find Hunter. He’ll feed me.”

“Alright. Have a good date with the boyfriend.” Lola raised her hand at me as I left. Sometimes I wondered if only crazy people became famous.

It definitely seemed like it


“Lola and Harmony make you seem the picture of sanity.” I told Hunter with a sigh as we sat in the recording studio he was in today.

“Perhaps I need to up my quirky factor then.” He suggested with a smirk.

“No,” I lashed out with my foot and kicked him in the shin, “If you do I will move out and never speak to you again.” He opened his mouth the retort but I cut him off, “And if you make a joke about money, finances, or my job so help me god I will hurt you.”

“Alright, alright.” He held his hands out in a placating gesture, “Jesus Christ someone’s tetchy today.”

“The wonder twins have that effect on me.” I grumbled, unwrapping the sandwich Hunter had been kind enough to grab for me.

“The fact you call them the wonder twins when they’ve almost definitely slept together is kind of creepy.” Hunter said absentmindedly, completely taking the conversation in another direction.

“Please stop.” I ordered him, balling up the sandwich wrapped and lobbing it at his head.

Which is when Nick decided to burst into the room, yelling something I couldn’t make out at the top of his lungs.

“Nick. Shut up.” I had to raise my voice to be heard over the top of him. Hunter just threw the ball of paper and Nick instead. One of the two things worked because he stopped short, snapping his mouth closed.

“Alright. What the were you trying to say?” Hunter asked patiently. Seriously sometimes it felt like Hunter and me were Nick’s parents which was ridiculous because he was 5 years older than me and 6 older than Hunter.

He took a deep breath, probably for unnecessary dramatic effect, before exclaiming “The internet ships you.”

I blinked in shock, “I’m sorry what?”

“The internet thinks you and Hunter are banging or should be banging.” Nick explained, like we didn’t know what shipping was. Everyone under the sun knew what shipping was.

“We know what shipping is Nick.” Hunted rolled his eyes, much like I wanted to.

“What I want to know is why were you even searching for us on the internet?” I arched an eyebrow as I took another bite of my sandwich, “Do you have a life Nick?”

“It’s part of my job.” He replied defensively. 

“No it’s not.” Hunter stage whispers to me. I let out a chuckle but Nick just frowns.

“It is.” He stomps his foot before coming forward and collapsing on the couch in between us. I’m pretty sure he actually landed on Hunter’s legs.

“There’s a difference between concert reviews and tumblr love.” I pointed out, patting Nick sympathetically on the leg.

“But don’t you see we could use this.” Nick turns to Hunter eyes wide and imploring. I’m not sure I like where this is going.

“If the next words out of your mouth are pretend to date Verity I will fire you.” Hunter threatens with a glare. 

“Feeling the love here Hunter.” I leant my head back on the couch so I could fix him with a dry glare.

“No offence Verity but fake relationships are a no.”

“It’s true.” I nodded in agreement, “Besides he’s hardly one direction. No one cares that much.”

“I think that was an insult.” Hunter says consideringly, “But I agree with you.”

“Thanks babes.” I reached over to pat his cheek condescendingly before turning my attention to Nick, “Now we’re going to pretend this conversation never happened. Leave the room. Come back if you can be normal. Don’t if you can’t.”

Hunter snickered in the background as Nick got to his feet and slouched from the room. “You tell him mum.” He laughed once Nick was gone.

“Shut up Hunter.”
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