Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Penelope Shafai, e s e.

Penelope Shafai
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Bio: A Cheshire cat smile that’ll automatically draw you into her trap, Penelope is sneaky. And she knows the ropes around Constance like no other student. Tall, tan, and mess of luscious brown waves, she knows she’s beautiful and seems to take a longer gaze in her compact than most girls do. She hates Blair’s clique more than anything. She’s not one of those jealous reject, plotting miserably to take them down. She just doesn’t like the hierarchy system and how Blair gets everything she wants. That’s where the jealousy comes in. Blair had a bigger competition with Penelope than she did with Serena. If Penelope got a Prada bag from Rome, she’d get a Celine from Paris. Or when B found out Penelope liked Nate, Blair immediately decided to have sex with and send an anonymous tip to Gossip Girl that they did. At her old school in Mumbai when her diplomat, father had settled, Penelope was the best and coming into second is not something she’s used to. Penelope is like a snake, a beautiful coat of scales on the outfit just to bring you in and inject her poison, as in spill dirt about you to Gossip Girl. She’s very fake and immediately cheery to someone she just meets. By now, everyone knows it but for those who don’t, better steer away from her. Because this bitchh stirs out her revenege like vodka shots; quick and harsh.
Model: Sigrid Agren
Taken by:@xoluxury
  • Sigrid Agren Photos - Sigrid Agren Picture Gallery
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    "Let me introduce you to the one and only Penelope Shafai" — @xoluxury
  • Gossip Girl’s Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude’s School for Boys
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    "She attends the glorious Constance Billard" — @xoluxury
    Another Upper East Side location that I set out to stalk while in New York two weeks ago was the building used to portray Constance Billard School for Girls and
  • Lola hears a Who[re]####
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    "And is a resident on the Upper East Side of New York City." — @xoluxury
  • tilda swinton
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    "Penelope is the oldest daughter of Emily Shafai" — @xoluxury
  • newspaper - Яндекс.Картинки #yandeximages
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    "top journalist for The New York Times" — @xoluxury
    Результаты поиска по запросу "newspaper" в Яндекс.Картинках
  • russell crowe | Tumblr
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    "and Victor Shafai." — @xoluxury
  • IKEA Halogen
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    "a very successful engineer" — @xoluxury
    Power: 28 W Package quantity: 2 pack Power: 28 W Package quantity: 2 pack -Halogen consumes 30% less energy than incandescent bulbs. -Dimmable, from general light to mood light. Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information. Glass
  • Willow Shields - IMDb
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    "She's the older sister to Carson Shafai, who is a aspiring classical singer" — @xoluxury
  • StreetEasy: 7 East 75th St. - Rental Apartment Rental in Upper East Side, Manhattan
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    "The family believes in a more traditional style of life so all of the children still live in the family mansion found on Park Ave." — @xoluxury
    Rental in Upper East Side, Manhattan for $3,825, 2 beds, 1 bath
  • 12 Stylish, Sexy Bedrooms : Decorating : Home & Garden Television
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    "Penelope spends most of her time in her bedroom since she doesn't have friends that she ever lets over to the house. At home she keeps to herself which her sister always messes with her about" — @xoluxury
  • More info
    "Like her mother, she wants tot be a journalist" — @xoluxury
  • Lovely Rooms
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    "So she has her own hidden room where she keeps all of the notes she takes about her fellow upper east sliders." — @xoluxury
    My name is Abbi These are some lovely rooms.
  • barbara palvin
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    "One person that she writes about a lot is Blair Waldorf. The girl that she secretly hates the most, the girl that everyone wants to be." — @xoluxury
  • 2011 Large Agenda Refill With Address Book / Week
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "This summer Penelope is ready to take her down off of the throne she doesn't deserve. How? with her long list of things she has observed and written down about the girl." — @xoluxury
    -Designed for the large ring agenda -Contains a complete address book -One week on two pages -Month at a glance pages at the front of the refill -By month planning pages -World information -Note pages -Stickers and ruler -World time chart -Average monthly temperature chart for major cities -World map
  • CARTOON STYLES — (via obsessee) sigrid agren
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    "Things You Should Know About Penelope Shafai:" — @xoluxury
  • Comedy and Tragedy Ornament
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    "She has two distinct personalities." — @xoluxury
    Aitkens Pewter Comedy and Tragedy Ornament theater ancient Greece masks pewter ornament gift
  • Louis Vuitton_2012_RTW
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    "There's the Penelope that's well known around the upper east side for being beyond beautiful and a good listener." — @xoluxury
  • Sigrid Agren
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    "But what the girls that choose to confide in Penelope don't know is that she doesn't care for one of them. She's backstabbing and beyond judgmental" — @xoluxury
  • Sprint Announces the BlackBerry Curve 8530 Smartphone - Cell Phone Digest
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    "She keeps every juicy detail in her phone and is one of gossip girl's main streams of information and dirt." — @xoluxury
  • Rituals Gemstone Compact Powder , 4
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Penelope loves the fact that she's beautiful and always abuses it to get what she wants and what guys she wants at the snap of a finger." — @xoluxury
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  • The Scootabaker: Lemon Drop Martini Cake
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    "She secretly doesn't drink when around other girls. She tends to order drinks that look like alcohol but don't contain any. that way she can really keep track of what the girls around her do as drunk messes" — @xoluxury
  • trust no bitch | Tumblr
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    "Penelope has extremely bad trust skills when it comes to friends, guys, and even her own parents. She never opens up to anyone especially her family" — @xoluxury
  • Are You Smart Enough To Work At Google? By William Poundstone
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Don't let her good looks fool you. Penelope is beyond brilliant and also cunning. She want's to use her strengths for good and has been trying to score a internship at Google for the longest." — @xoluxury
    Crack the code to trick questions & devious interviewing techniques. Read up on dozens of challenging questions & their answers. Learn about creative thinking, what your Facebook page says about you & more. Imported. Author: William Poundstone. Publisher: Little, Brown & Company. Hard cover, 290 pages. 5.40"w, 8.30"h.
  • Speck 13" SeeThru Case for MacBook - Apple Store (U.S.)
    "She never leaves the house without her laptop. It has all of her application work and resume documents on it for her goggle application. she couldn't dare take the chance of it getting broken" — @xoluxury
  • 3 Faster Less Obtrusive Google Search Engines
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    "Ruining this opportunity for her would tear her world apart since she's put everything into it." — @xoluxury
    There are two main reasons for switching to one of Google's alternative search interfaces: Speed and Usability. The following three Google search engines
  • More info
    "Another thing that Penelope never forgets is her morning coffee" — @xoluxury
  • Sugar Consumption | breastresearchawareness.com
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    "and she never has coffee without extra sugar" — @xoluxury
    1-medium baked potato + 1/4 cup of sugar 1-cup of pasta = over 3/4 cup of sugar 2-seven inch waffles = 1/4 cup of sugar (without syrup) 1-ear of corn = 1/3
  • sushi - Sushi Photo (1493294) - Fanpop
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    "Her favorite food is sushi and she will never turn down a chance to have it." — @xoluxury
  • Sigrid Agren for Holt Renfrew Spring 2012
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    "Penelope's style:" — @xoluxury
    The always beautiful Sigrid Agren elegantly stuns for the Spring 2012 Holt Renfrew lookbook shoot.
    More info
    "She loves neutrals. You can never go wrong with nude" — @xoluxury
    COLOURS Maroon Red Orange Yellow Green Mint Teal Aqua Blue Purple Pink Peach Tan Brown Caramel...
  • That Inspirational Girl
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    "Her style is dressy and chic, NEVER casual." — @xoluxury
  • Ghost
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    "Her favorite designer is YSL" — @xoluxury
    I'm dalana and you can go suck a bag of dicks.
  • brunette silhouette
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    "Sunglasses are her go to accessories" — @xoluxury
    This blog is mostly fashion and models, with some attractive male specimens, cool quotes, cool sights, and awesome eats :) And yes I am a brunette, hence the name of this blog. I am a 90s American kid...
  • brunette silhouette
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    "Collar Necklaces are her favorite" — @xoluxury
    what-do-i-wear: “ Balenciaga details ”
  • Shadow Wizard For Hire
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    "Penelope has a slight obsession with her nails and they always have to be perfect." — @xoluxury
    deans1967chevrolet-impala: “ This looks like something you’d get done at an Asgaurdian nail salon! ”
  • brunette silhouette
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    "Heels are a must." — @xoluxury
    This blog is mostly fashion and models, with some attractive male specimens, cool quotes, cool sights, and awesome eats :) And yes I am a brunette, hence the name of this blog. I am a 90s American kid...
  • sigrid agren | Tumblr
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    "I guess you can say that Penelope is a back stabbing, self centered, judge mental, conniving, bitch. Who happens to be a perfectionist too. That's Penelope for you." — @xoluxury

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